How to Buy the Ketengan Conference 20GB Package from IDR 2500

Telkomsel Ketengan Packages, previously I have discussed various ways to buy Telkomsel Ketengan packages, starting from Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube Ketengan packages, but this time the admin bought the Telkomsel Conference package

The Conference package is a Meeting package with #At HomeTerusProductive with the Telkomsel Conference Ketengan Package, we can meet at home via Microsoft Teams, WebEx, UMeetMe, or CloudX more efficiently with the Ketengan Conference Package.

Activate now and enjoy quota up to 20GB with prices starting from Rp. 2,500

this package is very suitable for use as a meeting or discussion, as with the CloudX package, you can activate the package 5 times per package, for example:

  • Conference package with an active period of 1 day, then the maximum purchase of the package is 5 times in 1 day.
  • Conference package with an active period of 7 days, then the maximum purchase of the package is 5 times in 7 days.

What is the Telkomsel Conference Ketengan Package?

How to Buy the Ketengan Conference 20GB Package from IDR 2500

The Kuota Ketengan Conference internet package can be used to access Microsoft Teams, WebEx, UMeetMe, and CloudX.

The function of the Central Conference quota is to communicate with the team. the conference quota can only be used by members or members who receive an invitation to a meeting using the application

Conference Package Terms and Conditions

  • The validity period of the quota depends on the package that the customer activates.
  • Prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop) Telkomsel.
  • If the Ketengan Conference Package quota runs out when the customer uses the conference service, then there is a data/internet charging scheme as follows:
  • Especially for Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and UMeetMe conference services,
  • The package can be used on all Telkomsel 2G, 3G, 4G networks.
  • This package can be used as a gift to Telkomsel prepaid numbers (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop).
  • Conference applications (Microsoft Teams, WebEx, UMeetMe, and CloudX) can be used on Android devices downloaded on the Play Store and iOS downloaded on the App Store.
  • Prices include tax.

Price List for Telkomsel Conference Ketengan Packages

Telkomsel offers a data package for meetings with the following details:

Application Quota Price Active period Channel
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEx
  • CloudX
  • UMeetMe
2GB Rp2,500 – Rp5,500 1 day MyTelkomsel, UMB *363#, and MKIOS
5GB IDR 4,000 – IDR 9,500 3 days
10GB IDR 5,000 – IDR 13,000
5GB IDR 7,000 – IDR 16,500 7 days
10GB Rp8,500 – Rp20,000
20GB IDR 10,000 – IDR 24,500

Note: The applicable Ketengan Conference Package rates are according to the region/zone. To find out the rates by zone, please enter your location above.

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How to Buy Ketengan Conference Quota on My Telkomsel

You have to prepare a minimum of IDR 20,000 credit for this Ketengan Conference package
make sure you already have the my telkomsel application, download it HERE

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  • Open the “My Telkomsel” Application
  • Login My Telkomsel Application With Your “Telkomsel Mobile Number”
  • Wait for the Telkomsel activation link

press the application link then select open with “my Telkomsel application”
After successful login My Telkomsel

  • Select Shop then press Internet
  • Find Kouta Ketengan Conference

Choose the Kouta Ketengan Conference according to your taste starting from

Kouta Ketengan Conference 2GB 2500
Kouta Ketengan Conference 5GB 5500
Kouta Ketengan Conference 10GB 7000
Kouta Ketengan Conference 20GB 13000

for example, I bought the Kouta Ketengan Conference package 20GB 13000 with an active period of 7 days / 1 week

  • thenPress Buy , to buy the package

if the process is successful, then you will automatically get an sms from 363 containing the quota Ketengan Conference has been active

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This is brief information on how to purchase the Ketengan Conference Telkomsel 20GB package and quota starting from Rp. 2500 on the my telkomsel application, if you are not clear, you can ask the Telkomsel call center or ask in the comments column below.