How to Buy Unlimited Video Call Packages for WhatsApp Telkomsel

Unlimited Video Call WhatsApp Packages, hello KR friends, this time the admin group of teenagers will discuss the WhatsApp Unlimited Telkomsel package, this package is relatively cheap, only Rp. 2,500, we already get the WA package with an active period of 2 hours or 120 minutes.

whatsapp video call package, perfect for those of you who want to communicate with your relatives and family, especially for Eid, this package is perfect for you to stay in touch and sorry

Unlimited Video Call Packages can only be registered/purchased through the My Telkomsel application, WhatsApp Video Call unlimited packages can be purchased by all Telkomsel prepaid card customers (Simpati Card, As, and Loop) as well as postpaid card customers (Halo Card)

if you don’t have enough to buy a WhatsApp video call package, don’t worry, this package can be purchased 5x / day

What is the E Gathering Package?

The E-Silaturahmi Package is a Telkomsel WhatsApp internet package whose quota is specifically for making Video Call calls using the WhatsApp application. with this package you can make video calls to all family members

Whatsapp Unlimited Package Terms and Conditions

  • Price includes VAT
  • Package Valid for 2 hours since the package is active
  • Special quota for Video Call via Whatsapp
  • This quota applies to Telkomsel customer numbers
  • Packages can be purchased up to 5x
  • the package cannot be used as a gift package

How to Buy Unlimited Video Call Packages for WhatsApp Telkomsel

Before buying the WhatsApp unlimited e-silaturahmi package, you need to have the My Telkomsel application, you can download it via the Google Play Store (for Android users) or on the App Store (for iOS users).
For further information, you can read the tutorial below:

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How to buy Unlimited Video Call WhatsApp Packages on My Telkomsel

  • Download and Install the My Telkomsel Application
  • Open the App My Telkomsel
  • Login / Register using your active Telkomsel number
  • after successful login, select On page shopping,
buy Unlimited Video Call WhatsApp Package on My Telkomsel
  • Then select menu ” Internet
  • look for the E-Silaturahmi Package, then Choose the E-Silaturahm Package
  • then select the button ” Buy ” to activate the package.
  • don’t forget to confirm Payment Press Buy

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if the payment process is successful, then you will get a notification or SMS notification, which contains that the E-Silaturahmi package has been successfully purchased and is active.

Done, if you don’t understand, you can consult directly with Telkomsel Customer Service, or you can comment below, if you want to get help on how to buy a Telkomsel wa package