How to Change Gmail Password in G Suite

The most requests from G Suite users to G Suite Administrators is to change the email password with the excuse of forgetting the password. The opportunities for changing password requests will increase as the number of G Suite users in your company grows.

There is a dilemma between security and the ability of users to remember passwords, on the one hand, users are asked to change passwords regularly for security, on the other hand, human memory is not always good and can forget things such as passwords. As a result, if the user forgets his email password, in this case he will contact the G Suite Administrator to create a new password.

How to change Gmail password in G Suite

1. Login ke Google Admin Console

2. In the search field enter the username the password will be changed then select the user in question

3. In the left column, click RESET PASSWORD

4. Set a new password

5. Click RESET

• If you enable Automatically Generate a password then the password is automatically generated randomly
• If you activate Ask a password change at the next sign-in then the user will be asked to change the password the first time logging in

6. Inform the user of the new G Suite account password which also includes his Gmail account.

How to change Gmail password in G Suite all at once

This method is useful if you want to change multiple passwords at once. The goals vary, but are more often aimed at account security. Before resetting multiple passwords at once, you need to inform users, either verbally or in an email blast, that a massive password change will be made for security reasons.

1. Login ke Google Admin Console

2. Select Users

3. Select Bulk Upload Users

4. Click Download user’s info in a CSV file

5. Edit using Microsoft Excel, in column Password Enter a new password in the line for the user whose password will be changed

6. Save the file, then upload it again via the button ATTACH CSV

7. Click Upload

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