How to Change SSH Account on Config Http Injector

Change SSH Account, surely you have experienced importing one of the configs, the config can’t connect, it can be caused by dead SSH account or the validity period of the SSH account has expired

to find out, whether the SSH account has expired you can see in the Log section of the Http Injector Application, usually a message will appear as below:

” password auth available inactive and public key auth available inactive “
cannot authenticate – username or password error | contact config builder for new user/password

if you experience and find the message in the http injector LOG, the solution is you can create an SSH account or contact the config maker, and it’s really complicated if we don’t know who made the config

but if you download the config from the Teenage Group site, you only need to change the username and password

Only applies to Config from the Teen Group

but with a note you have to make me SSH on the website and take a Singapore SSH Server 1 account, so that the config can work properly and not error

for the process of changing an SSH account, it’s quite easy, just import config, edit settings for the SSH username and password, if you are not clear, you can follow the steps and tutorial below

This tutorial only applies to the config that you download on the Teenage Group Website, if you get the config from another web, other people will not be able to change the SSH account on the Config

if you try to create an SSH account on another web, other than HideSSH, the config error will occur, or the ssh account cannot be used, therefore I suggest you, to create an SSH account only in HideSSH

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Create SSH Server Singaura Account 1 in Hide SSH

we need to need a certain new and fresh SSH account, which you can get easily and for free on the website, then you can follow the tutorial below

  • Open Google Chrome App
  • Search the HideSSH site on google
  • Must Choose Singapore Server 1
  • Select the active period, you must select Singapore Server 1

You can choose one of the account’s active periods, which can be 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 14 days, depending on the availability of the SSH account, but I prefer to choose the 3 day one because the stock is a lot

Create SSH Server Singaura Account 1 in Hide SSH

for a more complete tutorial, you can read the article How to Create a Free TLS/SSL Premium SSH Account on HideSSH

After you get a Singapore 1 SSH Server Account, you can save the data in notepad or you can download it directly from the website, then you can follow the tutorial below

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How to Change SSH Account on Config Http Injector

User: fill with SSH Account Username
password fill with SSH Password

How to Change SSH Account on Config Http Injector

if it stays back (username and password are automatically saved by themselves)

to run Config on http injector , with new SSH account

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that’s all the information I can convey about how to change the SSH Account on the Http Injector config, if you find the config from the teen pool, which doesn’t connect because the config has expired

If you still find it difficult, you can contact below and ask in the comments column