How to Change Text Size on Redmi Note 7 | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Change Text Size on Redmi Note 7 – Still about the appearance of Xiaomi smartphones, where the settings menu on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 or Pro series smartphone is one of them, namely how to change the font size or letters so that the display is more pleasing to the eye and in accordance with the wishes of the user.

Currently, every Android smartphone user is comfortable with the standard font display on every smartphone. There are some owners who have limited vision and want the Font to be enlarged so that it is easy to see.

Although in some social media applications there is a special menu to change the font size such as on Facebook or WhatsApp, but that is only limited to use in applications.

To change the entire display, whether it’s the size of the writing on the homepage, in the menu or in the application, it can be enlarged or reduced from the default smartphone standard, Here’s How to Change the Writing Size on Redmi Note 7

How to Change Text Size on Redmi Note 7

  • Go to Settings and go to Display Menu
  • Next select the Text Size menu
  • Then swipe to select the font size from the smallest to the largest font size.
  • Then adjust it to your liking
  • Finished.

That’s the tutorial on how to change the size of writing on the Redmi Note 7, I hope the article above is useful for Redmi Note 7 smartphone users. Thank you.