How to change the IlmuPedia quota to a Telkomsel regular quota

Ilmupedia quota, hello friends, this time the admin will share a tutorial on how to change the IlmuPedia quota into a Telkomsel regular quota, this quota is a free quota from Telkomsel to help study at home

If you always follow the fanpage and website of the youth group, surely you already have a free Ilmupedia quota from Telkomsel,

Kouta IlmuPedia is dedicated to accessing Quipper, Zenius, Cakap, and Bahaso online learning platforms for 30 days from the activation date, with terms and conditions applicable. This package can be activated by customers through the MyTelkomsel application starting March 17, 2020

there are many ways you can do to change the science quota to flash quota, including you can use a VPN application (Psiphon, Anonytun, Tun VPN etc.) and can be used to access all blocked sites,

After connecting with the Psiphon application, you can use the Ilmupedia quota to be used to access all sites including Broswing, Streaming Download and gaming.

What is Telkomsel Telkomsel Quota

Telkomsel’s Ilmupedia Quota is the quota used to access digital education applications, including:

  • Quipper app: all features like Quipper video and Quipper quiz.
  • Zenius app.
  • Cakap application: all features such as Cakap Private, Cakap Live, Cakap Group, and Cakap Chat, except Cakap Blog.
  • Bahaso app: all features like Bahaso Lesson, Bahaso Talk and Bahaso Quiz.
  • If the customer accesses a menu other than the access above, it will consume regular quota.

Complete tutorial on how to change your IlmuPedia quota into a regular/flash quota on Telkomsel

how to change the quota of IlmuPedia to a regular/flash quota on telkomsel

How to set the science package APN

First, make sure you create a new APN on your cellphone, make sure you are already using the Telkomsel card cellular data network

  • create APN (new Access name Points)

make sure you set / configure the new APN as below

Name :
APNs ; Internet

  • Save APN, and Change To New APN
  • ON / OFF Airplane mode and mobile data first

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Change your Ilmupedia Quota with the Psiphon Pro App

make sure you already have the latest version of the Psiphon application which you can download for free on the Playstore, after that you can follow the tutorial below

  • Download and Install the Psiphon Pro Application
  • Open the Psiphon Pro App
  • Then Press Options
  • Then Select Region (Server) Singapore or Japan

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Change your Ilmupedia Quota with the Psiphon Pro App
  • after that Press Start

to run the Psiphon pro application, Wait 10 seconds before the application is run

wait a few seconds until the psiphon pro application connects, if it connects it will appear 2-3 additional notifications from the psiphon pro application

you can test to open youtube and stream videos on youtube, if it works, it means that you can change the IlmuPedia Kouta to a regular/Flash code on telkomsel

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Additional Information Change Science Quota telkomsel

if the psiphon pro application doesn’t connect, you can look for a special Telkomsel Dakti IP to change the Telkomsel pedia science quota

IP Sakti Telkomsel Science Pedia

  • 10.2**.***.**
  • 10.2*.***.***
  • 10.3*.***.**
  • 10.0.***.***

You can use the Http Injector application to search for Telkomsel’s powerful IP, for the complete tutorial, you can read the tutorial HERE

That’s information on how to change the Ilmupedia package into a Telkomsel flash quota, if it doesn’t connect, you can ask in the comments column below.