How to Change WhatsApp Fonts on Android Without an Application

WhatsApp or WA is the best and most popular chat application in the world with 2.5 billion users. Not only that, WhatsApp continues to provide many innovations for the convenience of users when using it. However, from the many innovations offered, have you ever felt bored with the same WA writings or fonts?

Relax, you can change the fonts on WhatsApp or WA to be cooler and unique, which includes fonts in various shapes and styles. What you can do directly on your Android phone without additional applications or with additional applications.

Curious how? For that we will try several ways to change the WA font and its various modifications, which we can do on the text on Whatsapp. More as follows.

How to Change Text on WhatsApp Without an Application

WhatsApp is an application that can provide various conveniences for its users, where you can have free conversations, whether in writing, voice, or video, and without ads in it.

Besides that, we can also express ourselves through emojis, WA stickers, or GIFs, which are in WA and it turns out that you can also change the writing in WA so that it looks even cooler and unique.

Oh yes, you can do several ways to change writing in WA without additional applications and some need additional applications too. For more details, see the article below, yes!

How to Change WhatsApp Font to Bold Text (Bold)

The first type of font is Bold Text, you can change the WA text to be bold or Bold which is identical by simply adding an asterisk or asterisk

right in front of and behind the text you want to use.

How to Change Text in WA Italic Text (Italic)

Now the second you can change the writing on your WhatsApp, into italics or Italic. which is usually this writing style is used to indicate foreign language terms.

Just like before, to change italics on WhatsApp, you simply add an underscore or underscore (_) right in front and behind the text you want.

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Change the WA Font Strikethrough Text (Strikethrough)

Third, you can add strikethrough or strikethrough text on the WhatsApp chat that you send.

To make a strikethrough in WA, you just need to add a tilde sign (~) right at the front and back of the text in the WhatsApp chat that you will send.

Now later, before you send the message and press the Send button, a preview will appear if the text has been changed to strikethrough text.

How to Change the WA Font to FixedSys

If you are bored and want to chat on WhatsApp, use a different type of font. Well, with additional applications you can do it using the FixedSys writing style.

FixedSys is a type of writing that you can encounter when using the Notepad application. You can also find this font on old Windows OS.

For how to change the WA font to FixedSys, you only need to add italics (`) three times at the front and back of the text that you want to send.

If you don’t find italics on your Android phone’s default keyboard, you can use third-party keyboard applications such as SwiftKey and others on the Google Play Store.

How to Change WhatsApp Text Font in Reverse

In addition to using the FixedSys font, you can also change the WA font with reverse text.

To replace it with this inverted writing, you need an additional application called Upside Down (Flip Text) whose steps you can follow as follows.

Download and install the latest Upside Down (Flip Text) application on your Android phone.

Then when you enter this application, you just type in the text at the top of the column. To flip the text, you simply click Flip until the results appear in the column at the bottom.

Finally, all you have to do is copy and paste the text in the column at the bottom by tapping Copy and sending it to WhatsApp chat.

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Changing the Cool and Unique WA Text Font

In addition to FixedSys and the default text for WhatsApp, you can also add other unique WA posts with additional applications.

Here we use an application called Fancy Text (For Chat) which contains a collection of unique WhatsApp writings that you can use to your heart’s content. Then how?

First of all, you first download and install the Fancy Text (For Chat) application on your Android phone.

After that, you fill in the text in the Enter Text Here column and automatically various choices of WA unique fonts will appear that you can use.

Select a text and copy it to a friend or group in your WhatsApp application.

How to Change WA Font for Entire Display

If you want to change the entire look on WhatsApp with various unique fonts, but don’t want to be known on other people’s WA?

If so, you can change the WA font as a whole with the best Android font application that you can get for free.

To change the Android font too, you can directly without having to require root access as you have to do on some other Android phones. But on some types of Android phones, you must need root access.

Well, those are some ways to change WhatsApp fonts on Android without an application that you can do directly without an application or with additional applications.

Hopefully this way of course you can understand how to change WhatsApp writing to be more interesting and attractive. Good luck and hopefully useful!