How to Check Active Proxy IP and Port With Termux

Check Proxy, now there are a lot of active proxies can be public proxies and private proxies, but we don’t know which proxies are still active and no longer active, therefore the admin provides a tutorial on How to Check Active Proxy IPs and Ports by Using Termux

This tool or script can be used for scanning and finding active ports on the proxy, for example we have IP but we know which ports are active,

we can use this script to see and find out the active proxy and port on the proxy

With the existence of this script, it is hoped that you will make it easier to find a proxy and port where the proxy or port you don’t know is active or not,

This proxy scanning tool can also search for active ports automatically, so it will make scanning easier

many people use the Scaning Proxy tool or the Scaning Proxy script to find an active Public or Private Proxy IP, for example looking for an active Mikrotik Public IP

What is Termux Proxy Scan Script

The Termux Proxy Scaning Script is a tool, an additional package that is used to automatically search or scan active proxies and ports using the termux application.

proxy itself as a bridge to access the internet network. One of them is because access is blocked so you can’t open sites from certain countries or IP addresses.

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Complete Tutorial How to Check Active IP Proxy and Port With Termux

How to Check Active Proxy IP and Port With Termux

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How to Scan Proxy with termux

as usual, you must pay attention to the tutorial below carefully and clearly, if there is a slight writing error then the scanning script does not run smoothly, therefore we must understand it well, if necessary just copy and paste the command code

  • First of all Download the Latest Termux Application on Playstore
  • Open termux App
  • then enter the mandatory command code below

pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install git
pkg install bash

pkg install curl
pkg install jq

then we download the auto scanning proxy script package below

git clone

after the package is successfully installed. we can run the script with the command code below

cd checkproxy

If a notification (Y/N) appears during the installation, please click Y and then enter.
at this stage we have finished running the Proxy and Port Scaning package automatically

then we try to enter the proxy you want to check

If you have entered the proxy correctly and then you just click enter, the tools will automatically run by itself.

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Here, if you have completed the proxy scanning stage in the tools.

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that’s the information you can try to find and check the proxy and port that is active automatically using the Termux application, if you don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column