How to Check Number by.U Easily and Quickly

number by.U Hey guys, you know that the number on the by.U card is a digital number. A number that is only selected once when you buy a By U card, therefore I will give a tutorial on how to check your by.U number easily and quickly.

although this number is different from the number in general, the number on the by u card is a unique number, because we can choose digital numbers online, according to our tastes

if the number does not match your taste, you can wait for 5 minutes, to get another unique by.U number,

However, we need to know our by.U card number to top up credit and if someone wants to call us

Tutorial Check Number by.U Telkomsel

there are many ways you can try to check your by.U number, starting from the By U application and through certain UMB Dials.

How to Check by.U Number with the by.U Application – All-digital Provider

make sure you are already using By.U card cellular data

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  • Open Application By U
  • Select Profile Menu

It is located in the upper left corner of the By U application

  • then you will find your By U number

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Check Number by.U

save the number in notepad or memorize it so you remember

You need to remember because the By.U application uses the Gmail/Facebook login system to be able to check credit, we need to remember our account username and password.

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I suggest the first time we register using Gmail, because it is safer than using a Facebook account.

because the facebook account is very easy to report on fb so that the facebook account can be deleted / reported by the facabook team

How to Check Number by.U by Dial

  • open phone app
  • then type Dia UMB ” *808#
  • After that, Type Yes / No

then you will automatically get an SMS containing your By.U Number

if you experience problems and difficulties when logging into the By.U Application you can ask for help from Live Chat / Customer Service By.U, so that a solution to your problem is given, with live chat you can check your By.U number as well

That’s the tutorial and brief information about how to check by.U numbers easily and quickly, if it’s not clear, you can ask in the comments column