How to Check Telkomsel Quota via SMS Bonus and 4G

How to Check Telkomsel’s quota via the latest SMS – Telkomsel internet is indeed one of the fastest when compared to other operators. This is because Telkomsel has an adequate network infrastructure. Telkomsel’s signal coverage is so wide that many Indonesians choose it.

Although it is undeniable that for big cities, Telkomsel’s internet speed is also slightly lower than Indosat or XL. However, Telkomsel is still the king with the largest number of subscribers.

How to check Telkomsel internet quota via SMS

Especially for internet packages, most of those who use the Telkomsel internet package are users in regional areas. This is because the tariffs and prices for Telkomsel internet packages tend to be more expensive than others. for those who don’t know, there is actually a trick to get a cheap Telkomsel internet package, see the method below;

After you have an internet package, what you need to know is how to check Telkomsel quota, whether it’s bonus quota, 4G quota, or Hooq quota. Because with regular tariffs, Telkomsel internet packages are “expensive” the quota we have is limited and the volume is small. Say for Telkom Flash the standard price is Rp. The big 50,000 quota is only 2 GB. With such a small quota, of course, we have to be careful in using the data. Therefore, you must know how to check Telkomsel quota via SMS. So how do you check the remaining Telkomsel quota? we will discuss more in the following;

How to Check Telkomsel Quota via 4G SMS and Bonus

There are many ways to find out the remaining Telkomsel quota used. In this case, the quotas that can be checked are Simpati and kartuAs by subscribing to the Flash internet package. In addition to Telkomsel flash packages, you can also check Telkomsel Bonus and 4G Bonus. Here’s how

  1. How to check Telkomsel quota via SMS by sending a message in flashinfo v2 format and then sending it to 3636 will immediately reply to your remaining Telkomsel quota information
  2. In addition to checking internet quota via SMS, you can also visit the website via a Smartphone browser.
  3. Finally, to check the remaining Telkomsel quota in real time, you can use the MyTelkomsel application.

Now of the three ways, the fastest way to check the remaining Telkomsel quota is using SMS. Meanwhile, if you want real time, you can use the MyTelkomsel application. then how to check Telkomsel Bonus? To check the quota bonus, you can press *889#.