How to create a Wireguard Premium Account In HideSSH

Premium wireguard account, this time the KR admin will provide a tutorial on how to create a premium wireguard account for free and easily, using the Premium Account Service Provider Site, HideSSH

With Wireguard HideSSh you will be able to create a premium Wireguard Account for free with various active periods ranging from 3 days, 7 days and even 1 month

with a premium wireguard account you will get a stable and fast internet speed, because the hidessh site provider uses a high-quality and high-performance server and of course can also be used to change internet quota

For example :

  • Instagram Quota Becomes Regular Quota
  • Youtube Quota Becomes Regular Quota
  • Facebook Quota Become Regular Quota
  • koouta Chat whatsapp Become Regular Kouta

so that your internet speed will be faster too, with 1GPS Port Speed ​​and internet speed of more than 2 -3 GPS

What is HideSSH Wireguard Account

Wireguard Premium account created from HideSSH, this Wireguard account is quite fast and stable than other Wireguard accounts

WireGuard is an application with a new vpn protocol that is claimed to be a replacement for OpenVPN, by using wireguard the access speed is much faster than other vpn.

With a Wireguard Account, we can have several very prominent advantages compared to other free vpn, what are they?

  • Free Forever
  • Has high speed, like a regular quota package
  • Can be used on android and laptop/pc
  • Low ping connection, Make playing moba or battle royal games without lag
  • Easy to use

How to Create a Premium Wireguard Account In HideSSH

How to Create a Premium Wireguard Account In HideSSH

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Create a Free Premium Wireguard Account

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome App
  • Then Access HideSSH Site (search on Google search)
  • Choose Wireguard
  • Select the desired Server Continent

For example, the admin wants to use the Korean country server, the admin chooses the Asian Continent, and chooses a Wireguard account with an active period of 3 days

  • Select Asia Continent, then Select Korea Country
Wireguard account server
  • Then select a Wireguard account with an active period of 3 days
  • to create a Wireguard account Select Create Account
  • we just enter the username and check google chapta
  • then select Create Account To create the account
Successfully create a Wireguard account

The advantage of creating a Wireguard Account In HideSSH is that we can directly scan the wireguard config code, download the wireguard config and copy the wireguard config easily

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I have tried it myself, the Wireguard account from HideSSH can be used to change various internet packages, for example, the Instagram package is changed to Regular Kouta, we only add a bug in the endpoint

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if you are not clear, you can ask in the comments column or contact the HideSSH Web Owner directly, or the HideSSH Official Fanspage