How to Create an Email Group in G Suite

One of the functions of Group Email in G Suite is to forward incoming email to multiple emails at once. Suppose we create a Group Email address [email protected] with members in it [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], all members will receive the same email sent to email [email protected] .com.

For example, the Group is like a spokesperson who passes information on to many people within its scope. As well as WhatsApp Groups where every conversation between members is accepted by all members.

Group Email in G Suite can be customized to set which email is forwarded to all its members. You can choose more than one of the following access type options:

Group Owners: Email from Group Owner forwarded
Group Managers: Email from Group Manager forwarded
Group Members: Email from Member forwarded
Entire Organization: Emails from all members of your company are forwarded (one domain name)
External: Email from external (public) is forwarded. This option will open up opportunities for spam emails to enter member emails.

How to Create an Email Group

1. Access Google Admin Console via

2. Select Groups

3. Click Create Group

4. Enter Group information

Group email is the email address of the group you created

5. Click Next

6. Atur access type as the information at the beginning of the tutorial

7. Click Create Group

8. The last step is add and then manage group members

Select Add Members to add a member’s email address
Select Members Manager to set the privileges