How to Create an Online Flowchart Using App Diagrams

By accessing you can create flowcharts online without the hassle of downloading and installing Microsoft Visio.

The following is an example of a flowchart created using App Diagrams.

How to use it is quite easy, you only need to access through a browser such as Google Chrome on a computer or via a smartphone.

When you first access the Diagrams App, you will be presented with several options offering where to save the diagram file. App Diagrams can already be integrated with Google Drive, One Drive or save on your device.

Choosing to save in cloud storage like Google Drive has many advantages, you don’t need to save manually, because every change you make will be saved automatically in Google Drive. In addition, you can also share diagrams and make them together directly with your colleagues.

There are lots of templates that you can use as the basis for making diagrams, Flowcharts, Class Diagrams, Networks, Maps, Cloud are some of them. By using a template, the process of creating a diagram is faster because it only makes a few changes. You will also be given a choice of charts that are more suitable for the type of chart.

On the left you can find the appropriate chart to add to the chart sheet. You can also search for specific charts by typing keywords in the search field. Click + More Shapes to find more charts.

On the File menu, you can import or export diagrams. You can also print out directly via the Print sub menu.

Interestingly, on the export menu, you can save diagrams in the form of image files such as PNG and JPEG. In addition to image files, diagrams can also be saved as PDF or VSDX files. For information, VSDX is a type of image file that can be opened and reprocessed using Microsoft Visio.

Other features that you can use include inserting text, adding images, adding plugins and changing themes.

Advantages of using App Diagrams over Microsoft Visio:

  1. For free
  2. Integrated with cloud storage
  3. Easy to use
  4. No app installation required
  5. Support Indonesian
  6. Auto save
  7. Create diagrams together online
  8. Complete chart selection
  9. Features always updated
  10. Can go back to the old version of the diagram you created