How to Create Cool Messages in Config Http Injector

http injector Config message, Config message is information for http injector config users, to better understand and understand various additional configurations that can be added so that the config connects successfully

so in this tutorial we create a message on the http injector config to make it more attractive and nice, we need to learn basic HTML language, so we can edit the text in the http injector config
for example, want to change the color, font size, font type, etc.,

we can use the HTML Coding language to be able to edit all of it

for message templates in this kpn tunnel rev. Therefore, mimin will continue to update this article so that there will be more variants of messages in the application. you can create various types of text as unique and as good as possible, so that your http injector config message can be unique

What is HTTP Injector Config Message

Config message: is an information left by config developers which aims to provide information even the copyright of the config,

The Config message here can be in the form of additional information that needs to be done, or it can be just an additional message from the http injector config maker.

KR admin, usually will provide contacts in all configs, if the config doesn’t connect, you can contact the config maker that I made myself:

How to Create Cool Messages in Config Http Injector

How to Create Cool Messages in Config Http Injector

previously you have tried setting your http injector config, also make sure that the http injector config is connected, so it can be used for many people

how to make cool message in HTTP injector

Simple View

Cretor Bye : Teen Group

– Axis

– IP 10.xx.xx

– Sawer Social Media

– All Tkp

FB: 4groups of teens

Twitter: 4groupteen

telegram: 4groups of teens


description :

  • background-color = background color
  • p = paragraph
  • h1 = title
  • #00ffff, ff6600 = color

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Additional Information: to be able to change the color as desired, we can use Pick Color from google, to help us, or can use the web html test online to check the display that will be generated

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if you are not clear, you can ask the admin contact