How to Create Multiple Hotspot Servers on 1 Mikrotik with Different IPs

Tutorial How to Create Multiple Hotspot Servers on one Mikrotik with Different IP Addresses. This title may confuse you. So what it means, for example, is that we want to create a special Hotspot for the Meeting Room and a special Hotspot for Employees. Both of them want to differentiate their IP addresses, so that the allocation of IP addresses is more. But we only have one Mikrotik which is used for running Hotspot Server + User Manager.

More details can be seen in the following image:

1. Create as many Hotspot Bridge interfaces as we want to create. Here I give an example of making 2 Interface Bridge.

2. Enter the EoIP interface for meeting rooms and employees according to the bridge.

3. Add an IP Address for each of its Bridge interfaces.

4. Create 2 Hotspot Servers via the Hotspot Server Wizard.

5. Don’t forget that the interface used as the hotspot interface is each bridge interface that was previously created.

6. Enter the Server Profiles tab –> Please rename the profile according to its use.

8. If we don’t use the User Manager, we can use the default user management of the hotspot. Please add the User Hotspot on the Users tab.

9. Here we can choose which user we want to enter into which Hotspot Server. Is the user for meeting rooms or for office employees, or it can also be for both servers (all).

10. Now please try to connect to each hotspot access point.

So, every user who connects to the Office Hotspot Access Point will get an IP Address of while users who connect to the Meeting Room Hotspot AP will get an IP Address of

This way it will be easier to manage the Hotspot and the allocation of IP addresses is also more.

If you want to create more than 2 Hotspot Servers, please adjust them according to your needs.

Hope it is useful 🙂