How to Create Your Own Blog on Blogspot

Blogspot or Blogger is a blogging platform that is useful for anyone in creating blogs and posts that can be accessed on the internet like a website.

Blogspot is owned and managed by Google and can be used free of charge. To start creating a blog, you need to create a Google account first.

If you already have a Google account, you can skip the first step below.

Creating a Google Account via Blogger

1. Access then click Create Your Blog.

2. Click Create account.

3. Fill in your personal data required, set password, then click Next.

4. Enter phone number you to get a verification code, then click Next.

5. You will get a verification SMS. Enter verification code then click Verify.

6. Enter additional personal data in the form of phone number, recovery email, date of birth and gender then click Next.

7. On the Privacy and Terms page, scroll down and then click I Agree.

8. At this point, you have completed how to create a Google account to create a blog on Blogspot. The next step is to login to Blogger and create a blog.

Creating a Blog on Blogspot

1. Access then click Sign in.

2. Login using the Google account that you created earlier.

3. Define blog title then click Next.

4. Specify blog address then click Next.

5. Enter your name so that visitors can see your name in the post you made then click Finish.

6. At this point, you have successfully created a blog on Blogspot. You can make posts by clicking +NEW POST, then if you want to see your blog, try to access the blog address you created earlier or click View Blog.

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