How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently or Temporarily

How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently or Temporarily

How to Delete a Telegram Account Permanently or Temporarily – In this discussion, I will explain how to delete a Telegram account. Recently, the Telegram application is one of the most popular chat applications after WhatsApp and LINE.

Because of that, lately some people feel overwhelmed by the notifications of so many chat applications. There are notifications from WhatsApp, LINE, to Telegram.

If it’s like this, you think it’s necessary to reduce or disable one of them, for example like Telegram. If you are confused about how to delete a Telegram account or how to delete a Telegram account.

Take it easy, here is a summary of the method and the short and detailed steps for you to try. Read this reading carefully, yes!

Reasons and How to Delete Telegram Account

If you feel that you are already overwhelmed in dealing with notifications from chat applications that don’t stop day and night, it’s better to just delete one of them.

Especially if you are actually not very active in using the application or there is no urgent interest in using the application.

If you want to try a Telegram account first, you should first know what Telegram is and how to use it.

In what situations do you need to delete the Telegram chat application account? and how to delete Telegram temporarily and permanently? Read this article to the end, yes.

Reasons to Delete Telegram Account

Some people download the Telegram chat application to make them believe it, that Telegram is a safe chat application. And more and more here, many have found that it really isn’t.

A number of problems with Telegram are proven by the revelation of the following facts, which is the reason Telegram is no longer recommended.

1. Weak settings: The default setting of this app does not encrypt your chats. Many fail to switch to “Secret Chat”, so the lack of security worries users.

2. Server storage: Conversations outside Secret Chat are stored on their servers which is another security vulnerability.

3. Media-file-jacking: Like WhatsApp, Telegram is vulnerable to media-file-jacking where malware can alter images you send or receive images without you knowing it.

4. Hackers: The Unicode bug in this app allows hackers to exploit the vulnerabilities of the app for cryptocurrency and malware purposes.

5. Protocol: Telegram uses its own MTProto Encryption, even though there are so many secure cryptographic protocols out there.

If you feel the 5 security reasons above make you uncomfortable, to use Telegram or you need a way to delete a hacked Telegram account, then take a good look at the article, OK.

How to Temporarily Disable Telegram

There are actually two ways to delete a Telegram account, namely: delete permanently and how to disable Telegram temporarily.

So if you just need to take a temporary break from using your Telegram account without deleting it, you can simply deactivate it for a certain period of time.

This first method is a way of temporarily deactivating a Telegram account, actually a Telegram account that has been inactive for six months will be automatically deleted.

However, if you are still using this feature, you can determine the time to be inactive using Telegram, it can be a month, three months, six months, up to a year. Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Go to Settings

Open your Telegram application if you are using Android select the three-dot icon menu. If you are an iOS operating system user, select the three-line menu.

Select “Privacy and Security” or “Privacy and Security”

Step 2 – Choose Advanced Options

Tap the “Advanced” option on Android or “If Away For” on iOS.

Step 3 – Select Time Duration

For the next user, select “Delete Account If Not Available” then select the duration of your inactivity.

For iOS users, select the duration of your account inactivity after tapping the “If Away For” option. Previously.

Please note, if within six months you are inactive at least once on the Telegram account. Then automatically your account will be deleted in the system, gang.

How to Permanently Delete Telegram Account

If you feel that your Telegram account is no longer active and dangerous in data security. Jaka’s advice is to just delete it.

The following are the steps and how to permanently delete a Telegram account. Listen carefully until the end, yes.

Step 1 – Open Telegram Site

Visit site

Step 2 – Enter Telegram Account Number

Enter the phone number you use on Telegram

Step 3 – Enter Confirmation Code

You will receive a confirmation code via the Telegram app

Step 4 – Delete Account

Click Delete Account > enter the reason for deleting the account

Click Delete My Account Then confirm Delete My Account

The final word

Those are the 2 ways to delete a Telegram account either permanently or temporarily.

If you want to try video calling, it’s better for you to use another video calling application that is safer, yes! Thank you for visiting this blog, hopefully it will be useful.