How to Delete Mi Cloud Account Forgot Password Without PC | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Delete Mi Cloud Account Forgot Password Without PC – Xioami smartphone users must not be surprised by the Xiaomi account or Mi account, because the Mi account is very important for Xiaomi smartphone users because with it they can enter various features or applications that exist on Xiaomi smartphones. This Mi account has the same role as the Google account.

When logging into an account, of course you have to enter an email address and password, but it will be a problem if we forget the password on the mi account.

In addition to Mi accounts, Xiaomi smartphone users also have Mi Cloud which is usually used to store personal data online. Due to privacy security factors, not a few users are looking for ways to delete the account.

This problem often occurs when buying a second-hand smartphone. The usual way is to do it by doing a reset. Here’s how to delete a mi cloud account forgot password without a pc which will be discussed below.

How to Overcome Forgot Mi Account Password

The way that can be done is that you log out of the old Mi account and log in with the new account. To be able to log out of the old Mi account, you have to turn off the Find Device feature, after that we just return the smartphone to Factory Settings so that the Xiaomi phone is clean from the old Mi Account.

This method can be applied if your Xiaomi smartphone is in a condition:

  • Forgot the Mi Account password, but it can still be used as usual or in another sense our Xiaomi is still not fully locked.
  • Cannot use the Recovery Password method using a phone number because the phone number can no longer be used because it was lost or changed the card.

How to Delete a Locked Mi Account

  1. Connect your computer and Xiaomi Smartphone to the internet.
  2. Open a web browser, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Go to the Xiaomi Account page, then you will be taken to the Mi account login page.
  4. Click the QR Code in the upper right corner, after the QR Code appears on the computer screen, we scan using our cellphones by:
  5. Go to >Settings > Mi Account / Akun Mi, click the Scan button in the upper right corner and point the Xiaomi Smartphone to the QR Code on the computer, after being scanned a Sign button will appear on the Xiaomi Smartphone screen, click the button and you will log in automatically.
  6. Go to website >Mi Cloud
  7. Click button >Sign in with Mi Account and you will automatically go to >Mi Cloud.
  8. Select the Find Device menu so that the names of your devices appear.
  9. Klik Disable > Disable find phone to turn off the Xiaomi device search feature.
  10. Restart your Xiaomi Smartphone, wait for it to turn on again.
  11. Go to >Settings > Mi Account / Akun Mi > Mi Cloud and check whether the Find Device feature has been disabled or not. If so, turn off the internet connection on the Xiaomi Smartphone.
  12. Reset to Factory Settings to delete the old Mi account by going to >Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset / Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset / Return to Factory Settings.
  13. Make sure you have backed up all important data like documents, photos, music, contacts, etc.
  14. Wait for the hard reset process to complete, then the Xiaomi Smartphone will restart automatically and your Xiaomi Smartphone will return to the way it was when we bought it for the first time.
  15. Then you can login or create a new Mi account for other purposes.

NOTE : If you’ve done the above method but it doesn’t work, then this method could be the next option for you. But we warn that this method not only deletes the mi cloud account, but also cleans the Xiaomi smartphone, the way you have to do flashing.

If you are afraid to do flashing. Then you should just contact the xiaomi party to help delete your mi cloud account or you can directly contact the official xiaomi contact below:

That’s the tutorial on how to delete a Mi Cloud Account Forgot Password without a PC, hopefully the tutorial is useful and useful for readers. Thank you.