How to download songs on JOOX without VIP

How to download songs on JOOX without VIP

How to Convert JOOX Files To MP3. JOOX is one of the various legal streaming music services over the internet, now JOOX is widely used by people around the world, whether it is accessed via iOS or Android.

Well.. in the JOOX application, there is one song that is free to play and a song that can only be played after the account that plays the song is in VIP condition. To be able to enjoy JOOX VIP is very easy, you only need to share the song you are playing on JOOX to your social media such as Facebook, Wechat and others by sharing the song then you will get free VIP for 1 day on JOOX.

To better be able to take advantage of the VIP, then I will share a tutorial on how to save songs from JOOX to be saved to your Android memory card. This way, even if your JOOX account has passed the VIP period, you can still play the song offline and for free.

How to Save JOOX Songs To SD Card

Before you use this trick, you are required to download JOOX version 1.4.2 and set the storage mode for the songs that will be downloaded later, the trick is to simply follow these steps.

  • Login to the JOOX application with your facebook account.
  • After successfully logging in to JOOX, go to Settings > General > Music Storage.
  • Then click on the check box Save on SD Card 1.

How to download songs on JOOX without VIP for free

After completing the trick to change the music storage, the next step is to download the songs you want to convert into Mp3.

1# Before downloading songs on JOOX, you are required to set up the network. By going to Settings > General > (Disable Download Wi-Fi Only).

3# Exit the JOOX application and open a file manager that can rename file extensions such as the X-plore application and others. After that, go to extSdCard > android > data > com.tencent.ibg.joox > files > JOOX > song > this is where the song you downloaded earlier is.

Urgent!!! : Files with .ofl extension are song files that come from JOOX. However, because the song is not currently playing, the file size with the extension .ofl is displayed at 0.00B, which means that this song file cannot be renamed.

4# Now back to the JOOX application and enter the offline song menu. And play the song that you downloaded earlier (don’t resume it but play it from the beginning), then open the file manager again. When the song is running, the file with the .ofl extension will show the original size of the song. Next, rename the file with the extension .ofl (not .ofl_en) into .mp3 format.

Now offline songs from JOOX that have been formatted to Mp3 you can play on all music players on your Android smartphone, a little advice, for files that have been changed to Mp3 format, you should move them to another folder so that if one day you delete data or delete JOOX, all application data folders will disappear too.

That’s all I can share about how to download songs on JOOX without VIP. If this post can help you save songs from Joox to Android, then you can share this article with all of your friends so they know it too and thank you for visiting the short kata blog.