How to Duplicate Applications on Xiaomi Redmi 5 | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Duplicate Applications on Xiaomi Redmi 5 – Generally the android system will allow installing one type of application in one cellphone, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Instagram, Games and so on. But on some types of android we can make application clones for different accounts.

For those who have, for example, two Facebook accounts or two WhatsApp numbers and are currently using a Xiaomi Redmi 5 smartphone, they can easily run the two applications with different accounts.

So there is no need to install additional applications to duplicate the FB or WhatsApp application on the Redmi 5 smartphone. We only need to activate the Dual App feature that is already available on this Xiaomi product phone.

How to Duplicate Applications on Xiaomi Redmi 5

Not only on Facebook or WhatsApp, many applications already support Dual App such as Youtube, WeChat, Line, BBM, Twitter, Instagram, certain games and so on.

Let’s just look at how to make the same two applications for FB and WA on a xiaomi smartphone, and how to run the two applications simultaneously on one screen.

  1. Go to menu >Settings di Xiaomi Redmi 5
  2. After that go to >menu ‘Dual Apps‘, wait until several lists of applications that have been installed and supported by this feature appear
  3. Because in this case we only want to make the two applications the same for Facebook and WA, please activate both applications by sliding the slider beside them.
  4. After that, close the settings menu on Redmi, then you can see that there are 2 Facebook and WA icons that are already on the smartphone screen

To run it, as usual, open an application, such as Facebook from the first account.

If you want to run another Facebook account, open the second FB icon, then log in using a different account.

NOTE : To run two applications on one screen on a Redmi 5 smartphone is very easy, for example, if you want 2 FB to run simultaneously, please open the first FB, then tap on the Recent task button and drag it towards the top side of the screen.

After the first FB application is half the page on the screen, it’s time to open the second Facebook which will later occupy the position of the lower half of the screen.

The same thing can also be done to run two applications on one screen, such as opening YouTube and FB at the same time, WA and BBM at the same time and so on.

Thus the discussion on How to Duplicate Applications on Xiaomi Redmi 5, may be useful. Thank you.