How to Easily Open .MBOX Files

Files with the .MBOX extension format contain a collection of emails that are combined into a single file. To open it, you can use the Windows MBox Viewer application which can be downloaded via the following link:

Windows MBox Viewer – SourceForge

If you backup all your Gmail emails using Google Takeout, the result will be a single file with the .MBOX extension. This file contains all email data, both inbox, outbox, and attachments.

Mbox files cannot be opened with mainstream applications or Windows default applications. You need to install an application that is dedicated to reading the file, such as Windows MBox Viewer.

The Windows MBox Viewer application is available for free and is open source, meaning you will not be charged to download and use it, you can also use all the features provided in full.

Besides being free, the Windows MBox Viewer application has various features including:

Can open large mbox files

Because it contains the entire e-mail data, mbox files are usually large in size up to several, tens or even hundreds of Gigabytes.

Windows MBox Viewer can open mbox files that are over 4 Gigabytes in size. However, the larger the mbox file size, the longer it will take to load to open it because the application runs using the device resources you are using.

Can open Google Mail email archives

Your Gmail email backups can be opened and read offline including opening attachments.

There is a search feature

Searching for emails can be easier because there is a search field to search for emails by title, sender and date.

Export email

You can export emails to pdf, txt, html or csv files.