How to Easily Solve Hello Packet Error Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Easily Solve Hello Packet Error Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 – For those of you fans of Xiaomi smartphones who unexpectedly are currently experiencing problems such as brick, bootloop, or problems caused by other things such as distributor ROM, you can be sure that you will immediately flash your favorite device.

Usually this happens when Xiaomi smartphone users move from an unofficial ROM to an official ROM. If you experience it, there is no need to worry because there is a way to overcome it error Hello Packet Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Hello Packet errors usually occur in Mi Flashtool. If this message appears, the process will not run and will make the user disappointed. This will happen when a Xiaomi cellphone user upgrades a ROM from a fake distributor to an official one. If you experience it, you don’t really need to worry because below we will discuss how to solve the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Hello Packet error below:

Then, what are the things that cause this Hello Packet error?

1. The ROM that you flash is corrupted, I’m sure this happens very often and I myself have repeatedly experienced things like this.

2. When you flash, the connection from your smartphone and PC is lost, and when you repeat it, make sure you will receive an error log in the form of Hello Packet.

3. MiFlash applications that do not work optimally, this point does not mean without reason, so far some MiFlash applications that have been released have not produced maximum results, there are times when flashing is successful on the old MiFlash version and does not succeed in flashing the latest MiFlash application.

4. The PC you are using has a problem, and this often happens on a 32-bit version of Windows PC, but that doesn’t mean the 64-bit version of Windows doesn’t experience the same thing, sometimes flashing in Windows Safe Mode can work optimally.

Next, is there a way to solve this Hello Packet error? Of course there is, but the solution is quite time-consuming and doesn’t have a high percentage of success, but again, the following things are worth trying to solve this Hello Packet error when flashing.

1. Always run MiFlash application on windows with “Run as Administrator”

2. Try to have several versions of the MiFlash application that are different from each version, if it fails on the MiFlash application that you currently install, you can install the previous or latest version of the MiFlash application, this is what I usually do to overcome error Hello packet this until it works.

3. Make sure the fastboot file you downloaded is correct and not corrupt, it is highly recommended to have more than one version of the fastboot file, so that later it can be flashed alternately to resolve the Hello packet error.

4. make sure the PC’s USB port and USB cable are working properly, and don’t disconnect them while flashing.

5. Immediately do Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

6. If your Xiaomi device is on the initial MIUI 8.1 version or below, you can still enter EDL mode, but if you are already on MIUI 8.2 version then the only way to enter EDL mode is to do it with a test-point.

7. If this Hello packet error problem appears because when flashing your device is interrupted suddenly, then the easiest solution is to turn off the smartphone completely first so that it can be used again, there are 2 options here, the first you can leave your device until turns off by itself or runs out of battery power, secondly you can open the back cover of your smartphone and do a discount on the battery port, the picture is like point number 6.

8. If it is still possible to unlock the bootloader of your device first, because only point number 8 will have a success percentage of up to 90%.

9. If you are still experiencing deadlock and this Hello Packet Error always appears, then my last suggestion is to use a different PC or laptop.

Thus, those are some things or ways to be able to overcome the Hello Packet error, for those who are happy and like to flash on their Xiaomi devices, make sure once or twice have experienced an error like this, and I’m sure the solution might be in one of them. already mentioned above, good luck.

So that’s how to overcome it error Hello Packet Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Hopefully what is discussed here is useful for you, and it works.