How to Eliminate Vibration on Xiaomi Keyboard | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to get rid of vibration on Xiaomi keyboard – In this discussion, the Xioami Forum will discuss how to remove the vibration and sound caused by the Xiaomi smartphone keyboard when used for typing. Where each user certainly wants different settings, some are comfortable using Vibrate and some are less comfortable with sounds and vibrations when typing on the Xiaomi keyboard.

Plus vibration can drain the battery faster because there is additional power needed to activate this feature. So it would be nice if the vibrate mode is turned off if you don’t really need it.

It should be noted that in every Android user, regardless of brand, generally the settings for vibration and sound when we touch the keyboard or are typing have become the default smartphone defaults, Xiaomi is no exception.

For that, for those of you who are curious or confused to see this vibration and sound, you can see the tutorial as follows:

How to get rid of vibration on Xiaomi keyboard

  1. First, you can turn on the Xiaomi smartphone first
  2. Next, you can open the menu or application >Settings (Settings)
  3. On page >Settings, you can select menu >Additional Settings
  4. On page> Additional Settings, you can select Language & Input
  5. In page >Language & Input (Language & Input), you can immediately have >Google Keyboard (usually by default) or >Gboard keyboard
  6. Then, you can select menu >Preferences
  7. On page >Preferences, you just don’t disable >Vibrate on keypress (Vibrate when key is pressed) to remove keyboard vibration and >Sound on keypress (Beeps when a key is pressed) to mute the sound on the keyboard
  8. Finally, you just have to exit the menu and try it on an application that requires a keyboard to write. If the vibration and sound are not felt then this step has been successful

That’s the tutorial How to get rid of vibration on Xiaomi keyboard, Hopefully the tutorial above is useful and useful for all readers. Thank you.