How to Enable and Disable Game Launcher on Samsung Galaxy

How to Enable and Disable Game Launcher

If you are a Samsung android phone user, lucky you because Samsung released an application called Game Launcher. This game launcher makes the experience of playing games coupled with the beautiful combination of Samsung’s AMOLED panels, because Game Launcher can customize game gameplay to make it smoother and without any distractions.

In the Game Launcher menu there is a main control center and it automatically adds a game when it is newly installed, the application offers customization options that you can choose according to your needs.

Here’s How To Activate Game Launcher On Your Samsung Android Phone

1. First of all, open Settings.

2. In Settings find and open Advanced Features.

3. And search and then switch to the Game Launcher application.

After you have followed the steps, Game Launcher will be available as a separate application, to find it, look in the application box, then click to open Game Launcher.

Once opened, you can configure what you want on your Samsung Galaxy android device.

How to Disable Game Launcher on Samsung Galaxy Android phones

The way to disable Game Launcher, you can turn it off in the Settings option and then to Advanced Game Launcher features.

Features In Game Launcher Samsung Galaxy

Just like Apple’s Game Center, Game Launcher can also change game preferences as you want. How to set up Game Launcher, first you can open the Game Launcher app from the app box. Once inside the app, you can now play with the settings.

When Game Launcher and you are playing a game, incoming notifications will be muted and will be hidden from your Samsung cellphone screen.

Except when you get a call from someone, you don’t have to worry about their notification interruptions. Also the game volume will also be muted automatically, but you can change this setting by pressing one of the volume buttons.

Game Launcher also provides a feature for you to be able to select different power profiles. While in high performance mode to ensure maximum performance, it makes battery consumption on your device much more wasteful. for this power saving mode will make cpu performance slower but can save battery usage.

Well, that’s the tutorial on how to activate and deactivate the game launcher on a Samsung device. thank you for visiting and I hope this post can be useful for friends who are confused about activating and deactivating Game Launcher on their cellphones.