How to Find the Nearest Post Office Address in Your City

When you search for the nearest post office or type in the post office in the search facility on your gadget, you will easily find the point or location where the post office is located. With today’s technological advances, all the search processes will become easier even when looking for the nearest post office address in your city.

The post office is a brand owned by PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) as a form of physical service for various community needs including:

  • Sending Domestic and Foreign Packages and Documents
  • Paying All Kinds of Bills
  • Sending and Receiving Money Domestically And Overseas
  • Paying Tax
  • Opening a Current Account
  • Taking Retirement Money
  • Insurance
  • Other Public Services

With the many services provided by the post office, it is enough for people to come to the post office once and can carry out various shipping and payment activities there.

So, how do you find the nearest post office in your city:

1. Activate your Gadget or Smartphone, open Google Chrome Browser/browser

2. In Search Type: Nearest Post Office, or Post Office

3. A point will appear where the post office is located

4. Click on that point then the Service Hours will appear, so you can estimate the time to go to the post office according to the needs you need.

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