How to fix a broken power IC on an Android phone

How to fix a broken power IC on an Android phone

How to Fix a Damaged Power IC on an Android Phone – A lot of damage to Android phones that are completely dead due to the influence of the damaged Power IC, but it’s not that easy to say that the Power IC is damaged which is the cause of the total death of the cellphone. It could also be due to the influence of the EMMC IC or software damage. But on this occasion we will indeed discuss how to repair a damaged Power IC.

But before making repairs to the Power IC, it would be nice for you to also know the cause of why your Power IC is damaged. Do not wait until later when it has been repaired and then the IC Power is damaged again. The cause of the damage may be from a charger that is not original or indeed a charger that is original but has been damaged so that it creates a fatal problem with your Power IC earlier.

How to fix a broken power IC on an Android phone

Another cause of damage is the possibility of a violent collision that makes the paths on the mainboard of the cellphone rub together like the positive and negative lines of the Power IC that are connected because of the friction and make the power IC immediately damaged or shorted. Sometimes you yourself are negligent because your cellphone gets water in it.

Well, maybe there are many more causes, please analyze yourself, for example, you remember what you did last before your cellphone died, maybe that’s the cause that you should know. Next we go directly to the source of the problem, namely how to repair a damaged Android cellphone Power IC.

The first thing you disassemble your android phone from the body, battery, flexible and then remove the main body. Please check the power line. Use a special tool to check the voltage, check the voltage at 1.1 volts and then 2.8 volts and finally 1.8 volts (On the Oppo Neo 5). Now if one of the three lines produces an electrical voltage that is not the same as from the 3 above, the Power IC must be replaced immediately.

Oh yes, for how to remove and install the Power IC, it must be done carefully so you don’t get it wrong. If you can’t afford it and your equipment is not adequate, you should just take it to your mainstay service center. But if you really have a high enthusiasm for learning and are sure you can improve yourself, please try it yourself. We suggest you look at the various tutorials on youtube.

Maybe that’s all the information about How to Fix a Damaged Power IC on your Android cellphone. If this method can help you, please share with other friends and our advice if you don’t want any damage to the power IC then understand the condition of your cellphone and don’t let bad things happen to your cellphone again.