How to Fix Android Phone Not Vibrating

How to Fix Android Phone Not Vibrating

How to Fix Android Phone Not Vibrating – The vibration feature on smartphones has its own functions such as the need for notifications without making a sound, just vibrate, besides that for tasking needs, feeling vibrations when playing games so that it looks like real and many more functions of features that use a small motor or dynamo.

What if this feature doesn’t work, the user will feel the lack of this feature, like if the cellphone is silent, of course we hope that there will be a vibration that will notify us. Yes, if it doesn’t vibrate, of course we won’t know unless we look directly at the screen. Then what are the causes and how to fix this Android cellphone not vibrating?

According to our first analysis, most of these cases occur because after rooting or changing the default ROM to ROM. But it could be that the damage occurs due to an operating system error and the hardware itself is also damaged.

But before we go further and try to find out the damage, you should do the first method, namely by doing a vibration test by dialing the secret code, namely the code *#7353#. After entering, please select and press number 2, namely vibration until it turns blue and the cellphone vibrates.

The second is to first check whether the vibrate feature is on or off. It’s possible you forgot. So if it’s unchecked, of course the vibration won’t turn on or it won’t work. To activate it, please open settings then select sound and notification then tick vibrate

If it still doesn’t vibrate even though it’s checked, try clearing the cache and smartphone history, which may have accumulated a lot. Moreover, it was never cleaned. Remove using the default application or the Clean Master application. Then restart the phone and try to vibrate again.

Removing the battery and removing the sim card along with external memory and leaving it for a while is also a powerful way to restore the vibrate function on your cellphone. This method is fairly simple but has been proven to fix various errors.

How to Fix Android Phone Not Vibrating

We hope the above methods have fixed the vibration on your cellphone. But if you still haven’t tried doing a factory reset, flashing or updating the OS. It could be that the vibration does not work because of a malfunction in the operating system. And if this method doesn’t work, you should take it to a service center, of course this is a hardware damage, maybe the electrical line connected to the vibrating dynamo is broken or the vibrating dynamo itself is damaged. I hope this information is helpful.