How to Fix AnyDesk Cursor Can’t Click

When you remotely use the AnyDesk application, sometimes you can’t directly control the target computer because the mouse cursor can’t be clicked.

This is because the target computer does not give mouse and keyboard permissions. The solution is simple, someone who controls the target computer before clicking Accept must first give mouse and keyboard permissions as follows.

In order to be remote, on the target computer, you need to click the mouse and keyboard icon (1) until it turns blue and then click Accept.

After that you can control the target computer and type text via the keyboard from your computer.

For information, the AnyDesk application can be run portable or without needing to be installed. But it would be better if AnyDesk was installed on your computer and the target computer, this step is needed so that you don’t always set permissions and make it easier for you to remotely because AnyDesk always runs in the background.

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Another way so that you don’t need to set permissions and don’t need to click Accept on the target computer is to give Unattended Access access. This way you can remotely just enter the target computer’s AnyDesk ID and Password without needing someone’s help to click Accept on the target computer.

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