How to Fix Boot Failed On Samsung J3

How to Fix Boot Failed On Samsung J3

How to Fix Boot Failed On Samsung J3 – Bootloop is another term for failed boot. Bootloop occurs because there is a problem with the android system. And on this occasion we will discuss how to overcome bootloop on a Samsung J3 smartphone. Smartphones from the Samsung J series family are indeed a lot of users.

Yes, if the Samsung J3 fails to boot, what will appear is only the logo, the point is that we cannot access the menu on the smartphone. The bootloop problem or failed to boot on the Samsung J3 is caused by several factors. The first cause might be after rooting the Samsung Galaxy J3.

But you don’t need to panic, maybe the method that we will provide can overcome the bootloop on your Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone. For the first way, you can restart your smartphone as usual or you can restart it to factory settings. However, if the two methods above have not resolved boot failure on your smartphone, then we have to reinstall your Samsung J3.

Now for how to reinstall then you have to prepare some conditions like the following.

How to Fix Boot Failed On Samsung J3

1. First make sure your battery is above 50%
2. After it is sufficient then turn off your Samsung Galaxy J3
3. Next you press the volume down button + power button together to enter the recovery menu
4. Press and hold for a few seconds until several menus appear
5. Please use volume down and up to select menu
6. Then select the Reset/Wape Data factor menu (Use the power button for OK)
7. Wait and select Reboot System Now
8. Done

That’s how to fix a Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone by means of Reset / Wipe Data. The method above is how to fix it without flashing. If you have trouble entering the recovery menu, try repeating the steps or combinations with other buttons, for example the volume up button with the power button, make sure to press it simultaneously.

If the reinstallation method above fails, maybe you can try flashing which is a bit complicated if you didn’t do it before. So our advice, please take your smartphone to a trusted smartphone repair place in your city because if you fail in flashing, your smartphone may die completely.