How to Fix Error 402 When Installing Xiaomi Third Party Themes | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How to Fix Error 402 When Installing Xiaomi Third Party Themes – How to solve error 402 when installing third-party Xiaomi themes. Lately, Xiaomi lovers are being shocked by the emergence of the 402 error problem when using third-party themes on Xiaomi cellphones. What is the cause of the 402 error problem and what is the right way to solve the 402 error?

This 402 error usually occurs when we have just updated the latest version of MIUI, the possible cause is because Xiaomi does not want the theme manager feature to no longer be used because the contents on the menu are considered not good anymore. Many Xiaomi smartphone users choose to install themes from third parties because they are considered cooler and better. Then, if we experience the Error 402 problem, how do we solve it?

How to Fix Error 402 When Installing Xiaomi Third Party Themes

There are 5 ways that can be used or used as an option to fix 402 error when we want to install a third -party Xiaomi theme. Here is the full review.

1. Using MIUI Theme Editor
The first, maybe you can still use the old way, namely importing themes through Xiaomi Theme Manager. But if there is a problem when there is a 402 error message when installing a third-party theme, then you should try using the MIUI Theme Editor to install the mtz theme.

2. Using MiRape

In the previous article, we also discussed How to Install Xiaomi MIUI9 Third Party Themes. MiRape can be a solution application to install the mtz theme to your Xiaomi phone which has been updated to version 9.5 of MIUI.

3. Using Theme Authorization

If your smartphone is already rooted, then you should try this very powerful method, namely by utilizing the Theme Authorization feature. But you have to be careful when applying this method because if you experience the slightest problem, your Xiaomi can bootloop.

4. Using Theme Manager Mod

If the three methods above still can’t solve the 402 error, then try to install the Theme Manager Mod to the system via the TWRP menu. This method is called powerful enough to overcome the failure to install third-party Xiaomi Themes.

5. Downgrade MIUI

Well, the most effective way if the 402 error problem is still not resolved is that you have to go back in time, aka go back to using the MIUI 8 or 7 version because reportedly we can’t apply third-party themes to MIUI 9.5, so back to the old MIUI is right choice.

Maybe that’s all the article about How to Overcome Error 402 Install Xiaomi Themes. This article can be applied to all Xiaomi phones such as Mi 6, Mi 5s, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4X, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 5A, and other types of Xiaomi cellphones.