How to Fix Google Play Games No Connection

How to Fix Google Play Games No Connection – Are you having problems opening Google Play Games? which suddenly when we open the application it exits itself or a pop up error message appears that there is no internet connection or no connection. For those who don’t know, Google Play Games is an online games service and SDK operated by Google that is always available on the Android operating system.

With the existence of Google Play Games, we can play multiplayer games with your friends and this application also automatically saves our game data so we don’t have to repeat it when we’ve played these games.

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Currently our Google Play Games has a problem such as no internet connection or no connection, of course this is very annoying, right? especially when we are engrossed in playing a game on our Android phones.

And for the Google Play Games no connection error problem, there are 3 ways to fix this error in the Google Play Games application:

Here’s How to Fix Google Play Games

First step Try Checking Your Internet Connection

The first thing you can do is check the connection / internet network you are using is unstable or there are problems for some time.

Second Way Make sure the date and time of your Android phone

Check the date and time on your android phone and if it doesn’t match the current time, you can change it.

Third Way Clear Data And Clear Cache Google Play Games

First of all, you open settings and look for the Google Play Games application, after you find it, click on the application and click clear data and also click clear cache. Then try to open the Google Play Games application if it doesn’t work then you can use another method.

Fourth Way There is a problem with the Google Client Host

For this one method, make sure your Android phone is rooted. If not, you can check the Easy and Safe Android Root Guide. If you have downloaded the Host Editor application on the Google Play Store. Then after you have successfully downloaded and installed the application. The next step is to find a host named Google and you delete the host.

Fifth Way Factory Data Reset Android Phone

So if the method above doesn’t work, you can try this method. And you need to remember that this factory data reset will erase all data stored on your Android phone, the applications and games that you have downloaded and installed will be lost and your Android phone will be like new again, just like when we bought it from the store.

That’s all from the article on how to fix google play games no connection / no connection, hopefully it’s useful and thank you for visiting the short words blog.