How to Fix Mikrotik that Often Hangs with NetInstall

Tutorial How to NetInstall Mikrotik RB750 & RB751 which often hangs because the RouterOS software has problems. That’s the topic that we will discuss in this Mikrotik Indonesia Tutorial this time. Mikrotik RouterBoard has an architecture similar to a computer, which not only has hardware, but also requires software, in this case the operating system.

To function properly, Mikrotik RouterBoard requires an Operating System, namely RouterOS which has various features. Over time, Mikrotik devices can also experience boredom at work, this is caused by many factors. The point of saturation here is that Mikrotik devices cannot work properly, sometimes hangs or often asks to be reset.

If this problem occurs, it does not mean that your Mikrotik device has started to fail. This can happen because there is a problem with the RouterOS Operating System. It’s the same as a computer/laptop if it’s been used for years, the OS might start having problems and ask for a re-install.

The case that I experienced was that on the Mikrotik RB751ui-2HnD it was very difficult to remotely, either via Winbox, Telnet, or SSH. Even if it is successfully remote the loading process (response) is very long. After I checked, it turned out that the CPU usage was steady at 100%, but after I checked in the Tools menu -> Profile as in this article How to find out the process that causes high CPU usage on Mikrotik, the contents of the Profile menu do not appear and also the contents of other menus do not appear. This causes the RouterBoard to hang and restart itself several times.

Well, to overcome this I will discuss How to Fix Mikrotik that Often Hangs with NetInstall. In this case I try to use the Mikrotik RB7XX Series (RB 750, RB751, etc.).

When finished, please login to Mikrotik via Winbox, then reconfigure Mikrotik as before. I suggest not to restore the previous configuration backup, but to reconfigure it from scratch so that the config that caused RouterOS problems does not enter again.

After I reconfigure the Mikrotik RB751ui-2HnD, the result is that the remote is smooth, and all menus appear, and the CPU Load is not too high.
Before that, I’ve also done NetInstall on Mikrotik RB433 which is already considered damaged, because it can no longer be remotely and can’t even be reset on a hard reset.

After going through the netinstall process, this RB433 can work normally again without any more problems.

If you are having the same problem on your Mikrotik device, please try doing NetInstall. If the problem is with the software, then after netinstall the problem should be solved. However, if the problem is with the hardware, for example, the ethernet port is damaged, etc., then NetInstall cannot solve the problem.