How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Not

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Not

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Not – One of the problems faced by cellphone users is that the cellphone is completely dead, including this problem attacking branded cellphones from Samsung. Totally dead where the condition of the cellphone can’t do anything, the screen is dark, can’t be turned on, sometimes only the LED lights flash, can’t be charged and sometimes it’s not detected by the PC. Yes, the point is that this total death is different from bootloop where the condition of the cellphone is still only limited to the logo, but still both can’t be used, it’s just that the way to fix it is usually a little different, which in the end will still be flashed.

Now this total death can be caused by two factors, namely system damage (software) or worse hardware damage or components must be replaced with new ones. If the problem is damaged, God willing, it can still be repaired by itself, but if it is hardware, we think it should be handed over to the experts, such as damage to EMMC, IC POWER and so on.

If you can analyze the damage yourself, such as due to a system error, maybe the method that we will convey below can help. The method that we have done has been successful, but we need to follow the steps correctly and remove the panic for a moment, which can actually disturb our concentration.

Then how? The trick is to use the services of the OneClick Unbrick program. How to do it, let’s follow the method below. But first prepare the conditions below.

1. Prepare a PC/laptop with an internet connection
2. Download and Install Java (for those who haven’t installed it) if you don’t know how, just search on Google, bro. For those who don’t have JAVA, click here
3. Also get the OneClick Unbrick program or software, click here
4. Don’t forget to install Samsung Galaxy drivers (In this case for Samsung Galaxy J7 phones)
5. USB Cable

Here are the steps:

1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 cellphone to your PC/laptop with a USB cable (ORI and Good) make sure the drivers are installed)

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Not

2. Run the OneClick Unbrick program and press unsoft brick. If an error message appears, select the resolution center

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Not

3. There is a display select or click extract to current folder, wait for the process to finish then click Run the File again until the command prompt program appears and at a glance it will be closed again
4. Next, copy the OneClick.jar file to the Heimdal folder and right-click and select Run as Administrator
5. Click Unsoft brick again on the OneClick Unbrick program and leave it alone if there is an error message
6. Next, you enter the menu to do flashing, namely press the volume down + power + home combination button.
7. Then all you have to do is re-flash with ODIN along with the Samsung J7 firmware

So that’s the way, friend, easy? if it doesn’t work, maybe you missed the steps above and try again until it works. And if it doesn’t work, my friend, try to find another way or take it to a cellphone service center, maybe there is damage to the hardware.