How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won’t Turn On

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won't Turn On

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won’t Turn On – The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a smartphone with advanced quality and technology. Who does not want to have this classy smartphone. But unfortunately the price is also balanced with the quality. hehe. Apart from that, the Galaxy Note 8 is not without flaws or problems. In some cases, the Galaxy Note 8 won’t turn on.

If you experience the same thing, don’t panic first, try pressing the button longer than usual, if there is no further reaction, try charging the Galaxy Note 8 first, has there been a reaction? If there is no reaction, it may have something to do with hardware.

If there is a reaction when the charger appears, the battery icon appears but the charging animation does not move, it is possible that your battery status is completely depleted so it cannot turn on. So please charger first until the battery is filled. After it contains please restart your Galaxy Note 8.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won't Turn On

Furthermore, if your Galaxy Note 8 feels hot when turned on and only lights up to the logo, it means your cellphone is experiencing a bootloop. The easiest way is to do a factory reset or wipe data & cache by entering the recovery menu. Turn off the Galaxy Note 8 then press volume up + power until it turns on and enter the recovery menu. Then you just select factory reset & wipe data cache partition.

When finished select the menu reboot system now. And hopefully your Galaxy Note 8 will turn on as usual. But if it doesn’t work then the only way is to re-flash which indicates there is damage to the system/software not the hardware.

To do this flashing, you have to be really careful, don’t be careless, because it can be fatal, you can totally die. Galaxy Note 8. For how to do it, there are many tutorials using ODIN software. But if you are in doubt it would be better to take it to a service center or ask your friends for help who already understands the flashing process.

Maybe that’s all the information on How to Overcome Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won’t Turn On from us for all of you. Hopefully this information is useful and our message is to take good care of your Galaxy Note 8 cellphone because the Galaxy Note 8 is expensive, bro. hehe