How to Fix Samsung Phone Lost Signal

How to Fix Samsung Phone Lost Signal

How to Fix Samsung Phone Lost Signal – What does it mean if we have a good Samsung cellphone, have a lot of internet and credit packages but the cellphone has no signal? yes, it’s a lie. This will harm us especially those of us who have jobs or businesses that must be on standby for communication. This problem really annoys us.

Yes, actually many factors cause this problem, especially locations that may not be covered by the network. But if your friends’ cellphones still have a signal even though they are at the same location and provider, now this is probably the factor from our cellphones, friend. So it’s time for us to analyze one by one and fix it. Below are some factors or causes that you can overcome so that your Samsung cellphone signal returns to normal.

1. Flight Mode

The first simple way you can try is to activate flight mode and then turn it off again for a while and wait for the signal to refresh and reappear. Sometimes this method can restore a signal that suddenly disappeared. The funny thing is that the user doesn’t realize that the user accidentally activates this airplane mode and it’s clear that the cellphone will lose the signal. hehehe

2. Restart the phone

If the first method has not resolved your Samsung cellphone signal problem, then try restarting or rebooting the Samsung cellphone. Sometimes the problem of missing signal can be solved simply by restarting it.

3. Clear Network Cache

Then you can try the third solution if the first and second methods don’t work, namely by clearing the network cache or clearing the network cache. To do this, use the Clean Master application. Please get it on Google Playstore

4. Turn off the cellphone for a while

Try turning off your Samsung cellphone by removing the battery, sim card and external memory. Wait a few moments or about 5 minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. Maybe this way your cellphone signal will return to normal.

5. Factory Reset

It hasn’t worked either, so the next step maybe you should try to do a factory reset. Doing this method is intended to overcome damage to the system so that it restores the condition of the cellphone to the factory default. We consider this method the most effective, but you have to make sacrifices to reset your cellphone. Please backup data so that it is not deleted except on external memory.

Well maybe that’s the way to deal with a lost Samsung cellphone signal. If your Samsung still doesn’t get a signal, try a more extreme way, namely by flashing or it’s easier to just take it to a cellphone service center, there might be hardware damage that can be repaired by the experts. Hopefully this information is useful and see you again.