How to Fix Samsung Phone Screen Flickering

How to Fix Samsung Phone Screen Flickering

How to Fix Samsung Phone Screen Flickering – Maybe you are currently experiencing problems on your Samsung cellphone screen that is flickering. Fear also arises in you because you don’t want serious damage to your screen. It should be noted that the average Samsung cellphone screen price is very expensive compared to some other brand cellphone screens.

The flickering cellphone screen is caused by many factors, whether it’s dropped, bumped, or an error in the software. If you leave this problem alone, of course it can be fatal over time because it could be that your screen will no longer work later. So the first way you have to do is to first restart your Samsung cellphone. After turning on, wait a few moments if your screen is still flickering like the eyes of a single man. hehehe.

If your screen is still flickering after restarting the next method you can do a factory reset on your Samsung cellphone. This method will restore the system on your Samsung cellphone like the factory default. Maybe when there is a system error that interferes with screen performance. Now with this factory reset, this can be resolved because the system will be returned to its original state.

How to Fix Samsung Phone Screen Flickering

We hope that this problem has been resolved, but if it is still flickering, it is likely that there is a hardware problem. For that you have to disassemble your Samsung cellphone and you guys please check one by one on the lcd and touch screen. Make sure the flexible is not disconnected and also make sure the flexible socket is installed perfectly, it could be because the socket hit a little loose.

If the flexibility is still good, and the socket is installed correctly and the problem still occurs, it is most likely that the screen is damaged or the LCD light is damaged. It’s best to just replace it with a new one because that’s the best way to fix it. However, our message is to take care of your Samsung LCD and touch screen like installing a screen protector and anti-crack body protector.

Not only that, you should also turn off adaptive brightness, avoid installing applications to speed up cellphone performance, and protect your smartphone from harmful viruses and lastly, don’t use your cellphone when it’s too hot. Maybe you are forced to play games that can make the performance of the cellphone heavy and hot quickly. Excessive heat can affect the quality of the cellphone screen.

Those are our tips on How to Fix Flickering Samsung Phone Screen. Hopefully the information from us can be useful for all of you. See you again in the next article, friend.