How to Fix Touchscreen Error If the LCD is Hot

How to Fix Touchscreen Error If the LCD is Hot

We often encounter mobile screens that have errors, are less responsive or in other words the screen tends to be slow when used. This problem also often occurs when the phone starts to heat up. But when the phone is normal or not hot, then the use of this LCD screen tends to be normal and runs smoothly.

How to Fix Touchscreen If Hot LCD

When it’s hot, the phone can feel as if it’s pressing its own buttons or moving without touching the screen. If it’s like this, usually the menus on the phone screen can’t function normally. Even when the screen display is turned off, the screen will still crash and crash. The condition of the phone that heats up often occurs at the bottom of the screen because in that section there are flexible components that contain capacitors and IC items.

Check mobile IC Components

The occurrence of hot cell phones is often caused by damage to one of these components, including IC items. If there is interference like this then it is clear that you can not operate the menu menu or operating system from your phone. The way to solve this hot screen problem is to open the phone device to see the inside. Check the components on the LCD device.

Check Battery Components

Once opened, we can see how the condition of the cellphone LCD is, namely by removing the battery components. Open the device in the flexible part to remove the back of the phone. Look at the bottom flexible components section, where later you will see two blue components. These two parts are meant by the capacitor section and also the IC item as a possible cause of heat on the touchscreen. One of them might be the cause of the phone getting hot. Therefore, you need to remove the flexible part from the phone.

Check the LCD Component itself

The next way is to test using a new LCD or another LCD that still functions normally. When you have installed the other LCD screen on the disassembled mobile device, try turning on the LCD. Check back on the 2 parts of the flexible component, one of which is hot. You need to do this check on the flexible part and not on the machine part of the mobile device. During this test you do not need to completely install the LCD or cover the back of the phone. Simply attach the new LCD part by flexibly connecting to the mobile machine part.

Be aware that all mobile phones will have an engine that feels hot because the system is running. This is the reason why heat checking cannot be done on the engine, but on the flexible component. Once the phone turns on, wait a few moments and try operating the screen to see which parts of the components are experiencing heat.

How to fix Touchscreen Error if the LCD is already hot with Replace IC Item

If after you hold it feels hot in the IC item, then we can try to replace the component. How to fix a touchscreen error if the LCD is already hot next is to replace it. To replace it is to heat the solder first. Next, carefully remove the IC item from the LCD device. Clean the flexible part, then test again using the new touchscreen until the screen works without moving on its own. Take new or unused IC items and function normally.

If you are using an IC item from an unused device, use a soldering iron to remove it. Replace the IC Item on the LCD to be repaired. Next is to pre-precise the IC item on the flexible part that has been given a special glue.

Wait a few moments for the component to automatically attach to the flexible part. Give flux on the IC part contained in the flex and stick the flexible part on top of the solder to make it stick faster. Double-check whether the component has stuck to the flexible, using thinner rubbed on it.

Cover the IC item using plastic so that it doesn’t get grounded. Install the battery and close the cellphone device so that it can be re-checked immediately. You can turn on your phone as chow to fix touchscreen error if the LCD is already hot the latter. to see how the final result is, whether it works normally or not.

See if the screen display still moves by itself or the buttons seem to press themselves or not. If you see that the screen is functioning normally, you can try to operate it again to find out its condition with more certainty. Try to press a few menus if the performance is also normal. Now, your phone is back to normal after repairing via chow to fix touchscreen error if the lcd is already hot on.