How To Flashing Hp Xiaomi With Windows 7 32 bit | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

How To Flashing Hp Xiaomi With Windows 7 32 bit – Usually xiaomi smartphone users when flashing on Xiaominy smartphones are advised to use 64 bit windows. But what if we flash your Xiaomi smartphone with 32-bit windows, of course you have a little trouble, because an error code will appear on Mi Flash Tools during the Xiaomi Note 3 Pro flashing process.

Currently, the MIUI forum itself has provided the Mi Flash Tool which supports 32-bit windows.

At a glance about flashing Xiaomi, this flashing can restore the lost or missing 4G LTE priority preference settings after accidentally updating Xiaomi to MIUI 8. downgrade Xiaomi from MIUI 9 to MIUI 8 which still has 4G LTE settings using Windows 32 bit. Here’s a tutorial flashing Xiaomi With Windows 32 bit.

NOTE : First backup the data on your Xiaomi internal storage to your computer / laptop before doing this method.

Materials needed for Flashing Xiaomi with Windows 32 bit:

  • Here we use the Xiaomi Note 3 Pro in a battery condition of more than 70%
  • Prepare the Xiaomi Note 3 Pro USB cable, it is recommended to use the original Xiaomi USB cable or the Xiaomi smartphone default USB cable.
  • Download Adb driver Xiaomi. | Download Here
  • Download Pda Net. | Download Here
  • Mi Flash Tool support windows 32 bit. | Download Here
  • Download ROM Xiaomi Note 3 Pro MIUI 7 version 7.3.2 in .tgz format (Miui 7 Note 3 Pro version which still supports 4G LTE priority preference) | Download Here

Xiaomi Flashing Steps Using Mi Flash Tools with 32 bit windows.

  • Extract the Xiaomi Note 3 Pro firmware and direct the extract to C:here , put it outside the folder.
  • Make sure you have activated the mode > USB debuging on your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro. If you don’t know how, you can activate it by going to > Setting > About phone > press multiple times on >MIUI version until a message appears > you are now a developer. Then go back to the menu >Setting > choose >Additional settings > select >Developer options and activate >USB debugging.
  • Prepare your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro smartphone and data cable.
  • Connect your Xioami Note 3 Pro smartphone to a computer / laptop with a data cable.
  • At this stage, the computer will install the drivers for your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro smartphone. When a message appears on >Allow USB debugging ? on the mobile screen, you select check >Always allow from this computer and continue to choose OK.
  • Then go back to the computer, look for the folder > adb Xiaomi which you extracted earlier in C:Adb. Hover your mouse over the folder >adb and press >SHIFT on the keyboard and right click on the mouse, then select >Open command window here.
  • Then a window> will appearcmd.exe.
  • Then in the cmd window type >adb devices quotes, then enter.
  • Then type >adb reboot edl without the quotes, then enter.
  • So at this stage your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro smartphone is in download mode which is marked by the smartphone screen off and the LED light flashing red.
  • Open the application>XiaoMiFlash which you have installed earlier. If the XiaMiflash shortcut is not in the desktop menu, you can open it in C:XioaMiXiaoMiFlash and go to >XiaoMiFlash.exe.
  • If your Xiaomi Note 3 pro device has not been detected in Mi Flash Tools, try clicking refresh and it will appear. And later the device ID, which is like a BBM pin, changes to >WITH.
  • Click >Select on the left corner of Mi Flash and browse find folder >images where did you extract the Xiaomi Note 3 pro Firmware file, namely in the folder C:kenzo_global_image..kenzo_global_image.. Select folder >images then OK.
  • Continue on the bottom options menu at the> signdown arrow, click and select one >flash_all.bat or >flash_all_execpt_data.bat.
  • Continue click >flash.
  • Then the flashing process will run.
  • If the flashing process for Xiaomi note 3 pro has been completed with the information > The operational completed successfully, immediately remove your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro from your computer / laptop and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Finished.

NOTE : Don’t forget, to activate or bring up the 4G LTE preference settings on the Xiaomi Note 3 Pro, please go to “Settings > Additional settings > Locale , select Singapore.
This method is also useful for those of you who want to change the distributor ROM or Chinese ROM Xiaomi Note 3 Pro to a global ROM that supports Indonesian and 4G LTE.

Thus the tutorial on How to Flash a Xiaomi Hp With Windows 7 32 bit, I hope this tutorial is useful and useful for loyal readers of Xiaomi Indonesia. Thank you.