How to Get 1GB Watch Package Bonus every day on Vidio Axis

1GB Watch Package Bonus, hello friends this time the admin will give a way to get 1GB Watch Package Bonus every day on Vidi,o for those of you who have an Axis card / axis loyal customers,

with the Vidio quota you will be free to watch all video content in the Vidio application, especially for Premium Movies. You can grab the bonus now for free on the AXISNET App!

This 1GB Video Axis Package Bonus will automatically subscribe and you can access premium content / videos from the Vidio application, for free with this package

You will get this AXIS Promo, by opening the AXISnet application in the Watch Packages section of the Entertainment page, to be able to get the Video Watch Package Bonus

what is 1GB Video Watch Package Bonus

The 1GB Vidio Package Bonus is a reward quota from the axis for you as much as 1GB for 1 full week, this quota can be used to enjoy premium videos from the web or video applications

1GB Video Package Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for AXIS prepaid customers
  • Program period until 15 May 2020
  • 1GB/day Vidio application bonus quota on 2GB/3G/4G networks includes access to a Vidio Premier subscription and free to enjoy various video content options in the Vidio application for 7 days
  • Usage after the Vidio application Bonus quota is used in full, will use the active main package quota or apply regular internet rates according to the applicable tariff scheme
  • Can only activate the package once at a time and does not apply automatic renewal or cancellation of package registration (unreg)
  • The use of the main quota is still required to download videos in the Vidio Application, access external content/services through the Vidio application (such as advertisements, Google services and others)
  • UNREG the AXISPRO/Gaul Unlimited package first before activating the Video Watch Package Bonus via *123*7#

How to Get 1GB Watch Package Bonus every day on Vidio Axis

  Bonus Watch Package 1GB every day on Vidio Axis

How to Activate the Video Package Bonus

  • Open the AXISNET APP
  • Click on the ‘Entertainment’ page
  • At the top there is a video banner
  • then click on the banner
  • Choose and Buy

if the process is successful, you will get an SMS notification of success in activating the Watch Video Package Bonus

It’s not quite here yet, we also need to activate the subscription package on Video for 7 days with the tutorial below

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Free 1 Week Video Subscription Promo Code

After successfully getting the 1GB / day Video Bonus package from SMS notifications, you can download the Vidio Application

  • Open the Video App
  • then enter the Voucher Code ‘VIDIOBEBASWATCH‘ in the My Account section

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How to activate Premiere Video

  • Activation of the Video Watch Package Bonus package via the AXISnet application
  • Customers will receive an SMS notification that informs the Vidio Premier promo code (VIDIOBEBASNONTON) and the redeem URL:
  • Redeem the promo code in the Vidio app