How to Get 2GB Free Quota from Referral By.U

2GB quota for free, this time the admin will provide information on how to get free quota for Byu users for free from the #RichGIGA Promo, we just need to share our referral link with friends, every friend we invite will get 2GB Free Kouta

we have to persuade our friends to use Referral Link which directs new users to download by.U application then buy by.U GSM card online

This quota is included in the Flash / regular quota, so it can be used for all networks and all online activities such as broswing, Youtube chat and social media, but the drawback is that the 2GB quota is only valid for 7 days 7 days (weeks) only.

What is Rich Giga By U Promo?

Rich Giga By U is a promo for By U users, to invite friends to use By U cards too, so every 1 of your friends activates by.U using your referral link, you immediately get a 2 GB voucher for 7 days. Check your voucher on the “My Rewards” page

Tutorial on how to get 2 GB of free quota from the Rich Giga By U Promo

how to get 2 GB of free quota from the Rich Giga By U Promo

How to get Referral Code By.U

  • Open the By.U App
  • login using your gmail or social media

make sure you are logged in using your account and make sure your By u number is correct

  • Then Select Tab Profile Photo Card
  • Then select Invite Friends
  • then share the referral link by U

Example Referral Link By U HERE

Share chorus by u

You can share referral links on social media or your Chatting application and all your friends so that the bonus quota will increase

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How to Claim (Claim) 2GB Free Quota Bonus from RichGiga

  • Open the App
  • Then Select Tab Profile Photo Card
  • Then select My Rewards
  • Go to Unused Menu Tab,
  • then Open the #RichGiga Voucher of 2 GB
  • Reedem Menu Tab Now
  • Confirmation of activation of the 2 GB #RichGiga Voucher

Done, wait a few seconds until you receive an SMS notification that the redem quota has been active and you get a quota of 2 GB that is active and can be used with an active period of 7 days

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if you are not clear and are still confused, you can ask in the comments column or you can ask the call center from the Byu party HERE