How to Get a Free 30Gb Teacher Room Reward Kouta At By.U

Kouta Ruang Guru, hello KR friends, I think all providers in Indonesia have given access to the teacher’s room for free,

You will get a quota of 30GB which can be used to open and access the Ruang Guru application and the Ruang Guru website

the same as with other providers, you can get the Ruang Guru quota by using the Provider application,

for example, if you use a By.U Sim Card, you need to use the By U application to get the quota for free

You can get the Ruangguru reward quota on the By U digital card easily and for free in the by.U Application – All-Digital Provider, which you can download for free on the Playstore and Appstore

What is Kouta Teacher Room In By U

Ruang Guru quota is a rewarded quota from the By.U Application to access the Online Learning application, which is used to help you learn online.

You can get this reward quota for free in the By.U application and cannot be used by cards other than by.U even though it is a Telkomsel card.

Product Specification Quota Reward Ruang Guru By U

if you have got the Kouta Runag Guru in the By U application you will get a kouta with the specifications below

  1. Main Quota 30GB
  2. Price 0 Rupiah (Free)
  3. Active period: 30 days
  4. Network: 2G, 3G, 4G (All networks)

Complete Tutorial How to get a Free 30Gb Teacher Room Reward Kouta At By.U

How to get a Free Teacher's Room 30Gb Kouta Reward at By.U

Free 30GB Kouta Rewards on the By,U All-Digital Application

as in the previous tutorial, we need to have the latest By U application, which you can download for free on the Playstore and Appstore, if you already have the application,

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can continue like the tutorial below

  • Download and Install the Application by.U – All-Digital Provider
  • Open the application by.U – All-Digital Provider
  • Login Using Account Gmail or facebook You
  • After Successful Login, Select Menu Profiles ( top left three lines)

to check the number by u, you must know the location of the profile of the by u application, therefore you must understand how to use the by u application

  • Then Press On My Rewards
  • Then Select On Teacher Room Voucher

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Free 30GB Quota on By,U All-Digital Application
  • to buy press Redeem Now
  • Then Press Ok , To Confirm Voucher Purchase

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if the transaction process has been successful, then you will get a reply sms from By U which contains

“Teacher Room Package 30GB price 0 Rupiah active period 30 Days has been Active”

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if you are still not clear and confused, you can ask directly to the call center or cs by u, in order to get the best solution, or if you are hesitant you can comment below

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Thus brief information on how to get a Free 30Gb Teacher Room Reward Kouta at By.U

for free