how to get free 30GB Education Quota on Indosat Oredoo

Ruang Guru package, not only Telkomsel and XL providers that provide free education quota, this time Indosat Ordeeo provider also provides free 30GB education quota free from the myIM3 application

Similar to other providers, Indosat Oredoo provides a teacher room quota of 30GB with an active period of 30 days (1 month) full, to help students, students who want to study online through the Ruang Guru application.

Kouta Ruang Guru Indosat is a home study program, a program from IM3 Ooredoo to support your online learning activities by providing free data access to your favorite Learning Applications and University Portals throughout Indonesia.

You can only get the education quota on the Indosat oredoo card via the dial code and through the myIM3 application, and I will discuss it in full below

What is learning at home Indosat

The Study at Home Program is an Indosat Ooredoo program in collaboration with Ruangguru to support and assist the Indonesian education sector in conducting online learning.

Users will get a data package and can access the Ruangguru application for free without being charged for a full 24 hours.

With this quota, students can access free data to most online university portals in Indonesia,

and access registration data to the most popular online learning platforms in Southeast Asia, Ruangguru, Quipper, and Rumah Belajar as well as more than 60 official e-learning platforms and university websites in Indonesia.

List of Indosat Education Applications and Portals

  1. Teacher’s room
  2. Quipper
  3. your school
  4. Study House
  5. Some Universities in Indonesia

Product Specification Indosat oredoo Education Quota

if you have purchased an Education quota in the myIM3 application you will get a quota with the specifications below

  1. Main Quota 30GB
  2. Price 0 Rupiah (Free)
  3. Active period: 30 days
  4. Network: 2G, 3G, 4G (All networks)

Complete Tutorial How to get a free 30GB Education Quota from Indosat Oredoo

How to get free 30GB Ruang Guru quota from Indosat Oredoo

Free 30GB Education Quota from MyIM3 App

First of all, you must have the myIM3 – Buy Manage Data application. Win Prizes. which you can get for free on the Playstore, after that you can follow the tutorial below

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  • Download and install the My IM3 application

if you don’t have the application yet

  • Open MyIM3 App
  • Login using your Indosat Number
  • enter OTP code

OTP code will be sent via SMS

  • after successful login, press Home
  • Scroll down, Find Internet Offers

” IM3 Oredoo Gives Free 30 GB for all students in Indonesia ….” .

  • Then Click View Offer

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Free 30GB Ruang Guru Quota from MyIM3 App

To Buy 30 GB Education Quota at a price of 0 rupiah

if the transaction process is successful, then you will get a reply sms that says “The 30Gb Educational Quota is Active”

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Register for free 30GB Education Quota on Dial UMB

different from the tutorial above, we will use a certain UMB dial code, to buy a free 30 Gb education quota at a price of 0 rupiah, for the tutorial read below

  • Open Phone App
  • Then type the Dial Code Below


  • Then press OK / Yes
  • Choose Education Free Quota
  • Answer 1. Buy

To Buy 30 GB Education Quota at a price of 0 rupiah

if the transaction process is successful, then you will get a reply sms that says “The 30Gb Educational Quota is Active”

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That’s brief information that the KR admin can convey, if you don’t understand and it’s clear you can ask directly to Indosat Cs or Indosat oredoo call center