How to Get Indihome Call Center Help

Call Center Indihome Hello, my friend indihome users, if you subscribe to a paid internet service from telkom, you must be familiar with Idihome, you’ve had problems with your Idihome Wifi or your idihome network, so I’ll give you a solution or help to get the Indihome Call Center Help Center.

The Indihome call center is very important and useful for you, if you have difficulties and problems when using the indihome service, you can ask the Indihome call center and ask for help, how to solve your internet service problems

if you have questions about IndiHome services? you can ask directly to Indira – IndiHome Virtual Assistant. Indira is ready to help you find solutions for various types of assistance about IndiHome.

What is an indihome call center?

Call Center Indihome is a call center or call center of an information office by telephone
You can find complete information about IndiHome digital services.

Complete Tutorial How to Get Indihome Call Center Help

How to Get Indihome Call Center Help

How to ask for help Go to the Indihome Call Center

if you have problems using IndiHome products? Or do you want to submit a suggestion or complaint?

For those of you who need IndiHome customer service assistance, please contact the number below:

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Several Indihome Call Centers

You can contact one of the call centers below, to get help regarding your indihome service problems such as upgrading, downgrading indihome services

  • Virtual Assistant Indira = Chat with Indira and find answers to various questions about IndiHome.
  • Email Indihome: [email protected]
  • IndiHome Call Center : 147
  • Cell Phone: (Area Code) + 147

Valid 24 hours.

How to request Indira’s Virtual Assistant Help

  • Open Google Chrome App
  • then visit Indihome Official Site

Choose one of the services below

  • Internet
  • Interactive TV
  • Telephone
  • Add-ons
  • Purse
  • Points
  • Bill

For example, if you have a problem, you can’t surf using an indihome modem, you can choose the internet

  • then enter your active email, for example: [email protected]
  • then fill in the identity form such as name, email, cellphone number, password,

make sure you use an active cellphone number

  • then enter your verification code / OTP
  • enter service number
  • then fill in the problems that are being faced about indihome products

Indihome Social Media

for telkom complaints besides 147 you can also ask via indihome social media: facebook, twitter and instagram below

That’s a short tutorial on How to Get Indihome Call Center Help, hopefully it’s useful, I usually use the indihome method and help to upgrade my indihome internet service, if you haven’t had a class, ask in the comments column.