How to get the Free 30 GB Teacher Room Package Telkomsel

the teacher room package, hello friend kr, this time I will share a free internet package, namely the telkomsel teacher room quota, you can get a teacher room quota of 30 GB for free without credit from a telkomsel card,

To get the Ruan Guru internet package for free is quite easy and easy, you just need to use the My Telkomsel application, to get the quota

With the MY Telkomsel Application, you will get this Ruang Guru quota of 30GB with an active period of 30 days,

This Telkomsel teacher room quota, can only be used for the Ruang Guru – Online Guidance application, suitable for those of you who want to learn online,

What is Telkomsel Teacher Room Kouta

Ruang Guru quota is a quota that is used specifically to access the Ruang Guru application and the official Ruang Guru website, in the Ruang Guru application we can study, work on questions and add to our knowledge.

this time the Telkomsel provider distributed the teacher’s room quota – online guidance of 30 GB for free

Specifications of Telkomsel Teacher Room Quota

  • Main Quota 30GB
  • Price 0 Rupiah (Free)
  • Active period: 30 days
  • Network: 2G, 3G, 4G (All networks)

Terms and conditions for free 30 GB of Ruang Guru ko

The 30GB quota for access to the Guru room application includes the following:

  • All Access In the study room menu in the teacher’s room app
  • Packages can only be purchased once (1 cell phone and 1 number)
  • Packages can be purchased by all Telkomsel customers: As, Simpati, Hallo Loop
  • Priority order for teacher room quota consumption: Teacher room quota, local quota, 4G quota and regular quota

Complete Tutorial How to get the Ruang Guru 30 GB internet package for free without credit ( 0 Rupiah)

How to get the Ruang Guru 30 GB internet package for free without credit

Free 30Gb Guru room quota via My Telkomsel

First of all, you need to have the My Telkomsel application, if you don’t have it, you can download the My Telkomsel application on the Playstore

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  • Download and Install the My Telkomsel Application
  • Open Application ” My Telkomsel ”
  • Then Login using your Telkomsel number

wait for the verification sms and click the verification sms link to login to the My telkomsel application

  • after successful login look for the section Special Promotion
  • Then Click On ” Keep Learning From Your Home
Free 30Gb Guru room quota via My Telkomsel
  • Then press ” BUY” to buy the package
Buy Free 30Gb Teacher Room Quota

if the process is successful, then you will get an SMS from 363 which contains

” Congratulations, Ruang Guru Package 30 GB of Ruang Guru / 30 Days Price 0 has been active “

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You need to know, the internet package and the teacher’s room internet quota is 30 GB, at a price of 0 rupiah with an active period of 30 days, it can only be used for applications and the official website of the teacher’s room only.

but in the next post, I will share a tutorial on how to change the teacher’s room quota to a regular quota

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That’s the brief information that I can share with you about how to get the 30 GB Guru Kouta Package for Free, if you don’t understand and it’s clear, you can ask the Telkomsel Call Center directly.