How to get the Psiphon Pro Unlimited App on a trial basis

psiphon pro trial Hello friends, a group of teenagers, on this occasion I will give a tutorial on how to buy the Psiphon pro application and how to get the Psiphon pro application on a trial basis, so that we will get full internet speed without ads and internet speed limits.

you guys must be familiar with the psiphon pro application, aren’t you, a popular vpn application for free internet lovers, but first I will give a tutorial on how to upgrade the Pisphon pro application,

with us using the Psiphon pro application for unlimited, we will get internet access at full speed, without ads and the psiphon pro application rarely disconnects continuously

the point of us trying the psiphon unlimited application is how we can get the psiphon application on a trial basis, so it is safer than us using third-party applications such as lucky patcher to get unlimited psiphon pro for free

we can use a trial on the psiphon pro application to try the pisphon pro application unlimied and upgrade the unlimited pisphon pro application, although we can subscribe to the psiphon pro application on a trial basis, we can only enjoy the psiphon pro application for 7 days

if you haven’t upgraded the psiphon pro application, then your internet speed is only 2MB/s and ads appear in the application

What is Psiphon Pro Unlimited App

the psiphon pro unlimited application is a psiphon pro application that results in an upgrade or subscription to the psiphon pro vpn application, you will get unlimited full access, without internet speed limits and the loss of annoying ads

upgrading psiphon pro to unlimited will get you fast and stable internet access

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psiphon Pro unlimited app subscription price

For the price of a subscription to the premium Psiphon Pro application, it is almost the same as subscription to other Premium VPN applications

Maximum Speed

  • price IDR 139,000 per month
  • price Rp:4.570 / day

High Speed

  • price Rp: 65,000 per month
  • price Rp:2.137/day

Psiphon Pro Maximum Speed ​​Subscription Package

  • Price : Rp. 5857 / 7 days (1 week)
  • Price : Rp. 139,000 / 30 days (1 month )
  • Price : Rp. 990,000 / 360 days (1 year)

Tutorial How to get the Psiphon Pro Unlimited application on a trial basis

Tutorial How to get the Psiphon Pro Unlimited application on a trial basis

you need to know, make sure you have prepared a new email (fresh) and a Telkomsel card / XL / Indosat / Tri / Smartfren etc.

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Previously, we set the payment method on the Play Store application for the tutorial below

  • open the psiphon pro app
  • select tap menu (top left) then select “Payment Method”
  • on Add Payment Method Select Prepaid Credit / Prepaid Credit
  • Please tap the payment method,
  • Then wait until the verification process is complete.

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How to Upgrade the Unlimited Psiphon Pro Application

make sure you have installed the latest version of the Psiphon application on the Playstore

  • open the Psiphon Pro app
  • then select “Upgrade Now”
Upgrade Psiphon pro Unlimited
  • then select “Maximum Speed”

Then a notification will automatically come out from the Play Store to subscribe. at this stage you will enjoy the free version of Unlimited Speed ​​trial for free for 7 days.

  • after that press “subscribe” to upgrade psiphon Pro

at this stage select the credit/debit card payment method

  • then continue to tap the Confirm button. Then the purchase process will automatically run.

if the purchase is successful, a successful payment notification will appear.

Psiphon Pro App

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That’s a short tutorial that I can explain to you about how to upgrade the Psiphon pro unlimited application and how to get the Psiphon Pro Unlimited application on a trial basis, if you don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column.