Lately, Realme has become one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the country. This sub-brand from Oppo is known as a smartphone with fierce specifications but is priced at an affordable price. And the products that are now stealing the attention of many smartphone users are Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro.

But no matter how good the device is, it does not rule out the possibility of problems with the device. The causes of course vary, ranging from production defects, to factors of use. For these usage factors, it can usually make the device slow and slow down the smartphone’s working system. This of course will be very disturbing, especially if it is already very severe.

To overcome this, a reset is required. Here we will provide tips on how to hard reset the Realme 5 Pro. Actually there are 2 reset methods that you can do, namely factory reset from settings and hard reset through recovery mode.

How to Factory Reset Through Settings (Settings).
1. Activate your Realme cellphone.
2. Open the Settings menu or Settings.
3. Then to Additional Settings or Additional Settings
4. Next, access the Back Up and Reset menu.
5. Go to Factory data Reset > Erase All App & Data.
6. Wait until your Realme phone restarts itself. This means that the factory data process is already running.
7. Done.

But keep in mind that the above method can only be done on devices that can still be accessed or can enter the homescreen. But if your device is locked because you forgot the pattern/pin, or is in a bootloop state, then you can try the hard reset method below.


How to Hard Reset Through Recovery Mode.

1. First, deactivate your Realme smartphone.
2. Then turn it back on by long pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
3. Until you enter the Recover Mode menu. In this menu, you select English.
4. Click on the Wipe Data menu
5. Continue to Wipe Data (Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)
6. Click Next to go to the next step
7. Wait until the hard reset process is complete
8. If so, please click Reboot System
9. Then after the cellphone turns back on, do the settings as set up a new cellphone.
10. Done.

That’s our review of how to hard reset the Realme 5 Pro. However, you can also apply this method to other smartphones. Good luck and good luck.