How to Hard Reset Routerboard MikroTik hAP Lite Model | RB 941-2nD-TC

reset rb 941 2nd tc
On this occasion I share again about MikroTik. In the past, I’ve also posted about How to Reset a Mikrotik Routerboard (Hardware) but that method didn’t work when I reset the RB 941-2nD-TC.

Well, that’s the background I wrote this tutorial.

It’s not as easy as just pressing the reset button, but everything has its own method, just to provide motivation.


If you do a reset then you are ready to lose all of your configuration, the settings will return to the default configuration.


Forgetting is bound to happen if we haven’t touched the device for a long time, the tips so we don’t forget is to provide a note to save your MikroTik login “user” and “password”. God willing, if you forget later, you can reopen the note that you have written.

OK, here’s the hard reset procedure:

1. Make sure the routerboard is in good condition off, or the power cable is not connected to the routerboard.

2. When the routerboard is off, please press the “res” with a pen or small (strong) wire until you feel the button is pressed or it usually reads “tek” and stand.

3. Still in the “res” button condition pressed. Plug the power cable adapter that is already connected to the routerboard.

4. Wait a few seconds, when the light ACT is flickering remove the pen tip/wire from the “res” button (Power cable is still plugged in).

5. If you did the procedure correctly, the routerboard should be back to default-configuration.

Good luck…