How to Hijack/Hack Login Hotspot Mikrotik & on Linux

It’s still about plowing, I’ve already shared it How to Hijack Mikrotik Hotspot Login Page where we can copy the html, css, js, images, etc. files that make up the Mikrotik hotspot login page. This time I will share how to hijack other people’s Mikrotik hotspot login sessions.
How to Hack Mikrotik Hotspot has actually been around for a long time, better known as Mac-Address Spoofing. So the essence of piracy or this hack is as follows.
  1. Find the Hotspot that will be the target of piracy.
  2. Connect to the hotspot –> Scan the mac-address of the user who has connected and successfully logged into the hotspot.
  3. Copy the target mac-address.
  4. Replace our mac-address with the target’s mac-address.
  5. Reconnect to the hotspot, and as a result we don’t need to log in to use the hotspot, because we have hijacked the session from the target user.
Simple right? We can hack this Mikrotik hotspot using computers, laptops, and even Android smartphones. Especially for Android, the cellphone must be rooted first, because to change the mac-address, you must become a superuser. But this time we will not discuss piracy via smartphones.

Let’s try using a laptop first, of course via WiFi. Here I try to use Linux OS. Why Linux? Because in Windows not all the steps above can be done. Except using an old version of Windows (Win XP – 7) with the addition of some wifi scanning software and mac-address manipulation. So this time I tried to use Kali Linux’s Pentest Tool.

Kali Linux is one of the Linux distributions specifically created for penetration tests (Pentest), which is equipped with various tools that we can use to do Pentest (hack). So we will use the Kali Linux pentest tool to hack the hotspot login. If you want to use another Linux distro please, here I will just use Kali Linux as an example.

1. Please download the Kali Linux iso image file first here.

2. Here we will use the Linux live cd, so you don’t need to install it first, just use it.

3. Burn the Kali Linux iso image on a CD or you can use a USB flash disk. Please read here.

4. Boot into kali linux. Run via live cd.

5. Steps to Hack Mikrotik Hotspot & please see in this Video Tutorial I made:

So in the Mikrotik & hotspot hack video tutorial I tried to do mac-address spoofing on one of the targets connected to The target is my Android phone that is logged into I purposely targeted my own cellphone to know what happened to the target when this hijacking was carried out.

And the results are as follows:

Because the Mac-address of my laptop has been replaced with the mac-address of my android phone, the ip address that my laptop gets is also the same as the ip address of my cellphone. This will make my cellphone lose connection, because the session has been hijacked by my laptop. As a result, sometimes my cellphone can connect sometimes not, as well as on my laptop whose connection turns on and off, because there is an IP conflict. But this only happens for a moment, then it can go smoothly.. hehe