How to Install Google Camera Without Root

How to Install Google Camera Without Root

How to Install Google Camera Without Root – Google released 2 new smartphones, namely Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 in 2017.

Which is where the 2 Google android phones only have 1 rear camera, but surprisingly the 2 Google cellphones. Once in the top position as an android smartphone with the best camera.

It turns out that behind this greatness, there is a GCAM application that is specifically installed on the cellphone made by Google. But don’t worry, this GCAM application can be installed on your cellphone. In the way I share the following.

Note: Do With Your Own Risk

How to Install Google Camera on Android Without Root

1. First of all, make sure you have downloaded the Google Camera application and run the application on your PC or laptop.

2. Before connecting your android phone with a PC or laptop, make sure to turn off the lockscreen on the device, such as Pattern, Swipe, PIN, Password, to Smart Lock.

4. Also, enable the OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging toggles on the Developer Mode page.

5. If so, connect the smartphone using a USB cable and run the application that was downloaded earlier with Run as Administrator.

6. Three buttons will appear on the application, the first button you have to press is Install Drivers.

7. Usually there are two versions of the driver provided, namely version 1.4.3 and version 1.3. If version 1.4.3 fails, you can use version 1.3.

8. At this step, the application will install adb or fastboot drivers on your smartphone.

9. If all the installation process went well, now press the Enable HAL3 button, EIS, and install GCam.

10. Wait a few moments until the smartphone turns on again.

11. Now open the Google Camera application, then press the button in the form of three stacked lines at the top left of your smartphone screen and select the Settings button.

12. In the Photo section, press the Advanced button.

13. Make sure the HDR+ Parameters section is set to the Super High setting. After that, also activate Portrait Mode, Improve Photos in Low Light, Show dirty lens warning, Use ZSL, and don’t forget to change the HDR+ Image Quality setting to 100%.

14. After that, exit Google Camera and go to App Info from the app. Then press the Force Stop button.

15. Now, Congratulations, you already have the Google Camera app with HDR+ on your smartphone.

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