How To Install Shader In MCPE Android

How To Install Shader In MCPE Android

When you play games there are usually games that offer very good graphics and it turns out that to make games that have graphics like that the game developers use shaders. For those of you who don’t know about this shader, starch is confused and wondering what exactly is a shader?

What are Shaders?

So shaders are programs that can run commands or commands that contain the process of how objects will be displayed on the screen.

In general, these shaders are divided into 2 types, namely online shaders and offline shaders. The difference is that offline shdaer is used for movies and images, while for online shaders, it is found in games where these shaders are realtime with computational processing done by the GPU.

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Now, by installing this shader on our minecraft pe, it is hoped that it will add to our gaming experience with better graphics. To install mcpe shaders we can make Minecraft Pocket Edition look more realistic and more interesting to play, therefore for those who want to install shaders on minecraft, in this article we will share how to install shaders.

But before that, you have to download and install the application ES File Explorer or zAchiver and also a shader application that can be downloaded on google or if you want to use JSPE Shaders COMPLETE.

And also make sure to download a shader that supports the version of Minecraft PE you are playing, and the JSPE shader application can be installed on v1.14 until now, namely v1.16.
There are two ways to install shaders in MCPE, for example in this tutorial we will install JSPE shaders.

How To Install Shader In MCPE Android

1. The First Way to Install Shaders in MCPE

First, extract the JSPE shader using the explorer file that you downloaded, then go to resource pack games > com.mojang > resource_packs.

However, when you have extracted the shader file and it turns out that there is no JSPE Shader folder then you need to manually create a JSPE shader folder and move the files into the JSPE shader folder that you created earlier.

Second, if you have, you open Minecraft Pocket Edition, then select Settings and Global Resources and select MY PACKS, select activate the JSPE shader.

The shaders will then be visible in MY PACKS and the shaders that have been activated will be visible in ACTIVE.

Third, you go back to the minecraft menu and wait for the process to finish installing the JSPE shader successfully.

Fourth, congratulations you have successfully installed shaders in minecraft.

2. The Second Way To Install Shader In MCPE

First, download and change the file type JSPE Shaders to JSPE Shaders COMPLETE.mcpack.

Second, then press the JSPE shader that was renamed earlier, it will open the Minecraft Pocket Edition game and wait for the process to succeed.

Third, then after the shader process is successful, the next step is the same as the first method, which is to go to Settings and look for Global Resources. Then select MY PACKS and select activate the JSPE shader

Fourth, you return to the minecraft menu. Wait a few moments until the process is complete and the JSPE shader has been successfully installed.

That’s the tutorial on how to install shaders in minecraft android easily and safely, hopefully it’s useful and thank you for visiting.